Each month, we highlight some of the best Licensing submissions in our 500px New in Licensing Gallery. In this series, we’ll delve into why these photos are in high demand and make for excellent Licensing content. As part of our ongoing commitment to educate and inform our 500px Licensing Contributors, we’ll feature new and relevant photos on a monthly basis to help inspire creativity and connect Contributors with the latest trends in the Licensing industry. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this month’s top 10 photos that are sure to captivate and inspire.

First up—Clii Fairy’s May submission is a great example of how to capture trending themes within Licensing.

We chose to feature this photo because it illustrates concepts of DIY, crafting, small business, learning new skills, and leisure activities.

1. We appreciate how Clii captured an intimate crop, focusing attention on the action of crocheting. The hands included in the image give the viewer a sensory experience when viewing the photo.

2. We love the neutral color palette. This photo can blend with a variety of branding styles, which makes it appealing to a broader range of content buyers.

This great shot by Suriya Silsaksom ticks a few boxes on how to take a licensable photo. From copy space to perspective, this photo stands out as a Licensing gem.

1. The dog is centered slightly to the left, which leaves room for copy space for potential photo buyers. The depth of field also makes it easy for designers to add copy that will stand out against the blurred foreground and background.

2. The bright red contrasts with the white dog and blank sky, giving incredible balance to the photo. The perspective of the bridge also gives visual interest to the viewer.

We love this shot by Fabio Formaggio. The photo is real and relatable, making it great for commercial advertising.

1. The photo effortlessly portrays a young woman preparing for a run without being overly staged or exaggerated. The action being captured feels real and genuine.

2. Fabio is representing positive diversity within the Arab community by illustrating a woman with a hijab who is participating in physical activity.

How it was shot:
ƒ/4 | 1/640s | ISO 160

Rakesh Baro has tons of great wildlife content in his Portfolio. We love this new Licensing addition for many reasons.

1. It tells a story. The bird collecting the small branch is caught in an action-packed shot. We also love the sensory experience of the water splashing, and the bird’s feathers are exciting to the viewer.

2. We especially love that Rakesh adds his location and detailed descriptions of the photo for image buyers. This spot-billed pelican was captured in Mysuru, India.

Sweet, chic, and swoon-worthy—we cannot get enough of Malihe Dehghan’s beautiful studio shot. Here is what we love about it.

1. We love that the pink pops against the gray and forces the viewer to pick up the little details.

2. We also love her expert styling and composition. The arrangement is visually pleasing and interesting to the viewer.

Check out the rest of our featured submissions below, and take a look at the New in Licensing May 2023 gallery for more inspiration!

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