Spring is finally here, so we’re serving up some floral photos to brighten your day and plant seeds of inspiration.

When you think of flowers in photography, macro and still life might be the first things that come to mind—but these aren’t the only paths you have to take. The photographers below have gone beyond the typical flower photo by adding all kinds of creative twists.

Scroll down to see surreal Photoshop composites, double exposures, and other innovative ways to incorporate flowers in photos.

FLOWER by Felix Rachor on 500px.com

In Bloom 1 by Omerika on 500px.com

bts_0184 by Ryan Chun on 500px.com

flower by Inna Mosina on 500px.com

- by Emma Katka on 500px.com


Untitled by monocolors on 500px.com

Untitled by NOBU on 500px.com

"Unlimited possibilities "-in Gifu prefecture/ Japan by Claudio Ito on 500px.com

Petals for the Water by Krish Bhalla on 500px.com

Audrey III by Eivind Hansen on 500px.com

Your life is your garden by Jovana Rikalo on 500px.com

Daisy by Conor Keller on 500px.com

Vincent by Florian Chamare on 500px.com

The reflection of the car window by Hanson Mao(???) on 500px.com

Scent of a rose by Catherine Lacey Dodd on 500px.com

Untitled by Fabio Bascetta on 500px.com

Alone in a daydream by AJ Arabzadeh on 500px.com

It Was A Very Good Year by Bill Leslie on 500px.com

Luana  by Caterina Zito on 500px.com

Flowers by Raquel Carmona Romero on 500px.com

The boy with a flower by Gianstefano Fontana Vaprio on 500px.com

Beautiful Spring Yellow Flower Gerber on colored background. Sty by Valeria Aksakova on 500px.com

How have you incorporated flowers in your photography? Share your favorite flower photos in the comments below.