All it takes to make a shadow is an object and some light—but shadows can be used in so many different ways to create incredible photos. Whether you’re shooting in black and white or color, or going for a minimalistic look or a vibrant photo, shadows are a great way to transform a simple subject into something incredible.

For our recent Shadows Quest, we asked photographers to submit photos that featured shadows in all kinds of shapes and locations. The winning photo was taken by Peter Fischer. This lucky winner received an EACHSHOT® 55cm Portable Handheld Magic Light.

Bushman kid in Namibia by Peter Fischer on

The judge liked that the shadows not only were an important part of the composition of the image, but also that they gave context and told a story.

Peter captured this photo during his first photo tour trip to Namibia. “The fantastic evening light and the lighthearted play of the children let to this unique moment,” he explains. Peter became interested in photography at age 12, after he got his first camera. Though it was a hobby of his, he didn’t start doing it professionally until later: “After a career in airline software development companies, I turned my hobby into a profession. About seven years back, I took over a photo tour business and now guide many groups to lots of wonderful places around the world.”

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