Some of the most amazing photography subjects on our planet are incredibly easy to overlook… or even step on. Snails are a great example (as are all the macro photography worlds, really) and another is the magical world of mushrooms.

No, we’re not talking about that kind of magic mushroom, we’re talking about the actual fungi you’ll find in your favorite forest after a rainstorm.

Mushrooms can be incredibly colorful, oddly shaped, and are often a food source for curious little critters that make great subjects themselves. There’s not much more you can ask for from a photo subject… Oh, except for the cool glowing effects you can create by taking long exposures using an LED torch.

Scroll down and check out 30 of our favorite mushroom photos on 500px if you don’t believe fungi are worth your photographic time:

magic Mushrooms by Peter Wagner on

. : like a dream : . by Martin Pfister on

Fliegenpilze am Waldrand by Leo Pöcksteiner on

Untitled by valentin yanev on

Mushroom Time by Sven Zickler on

Chill... by Wil Mijer on

Fly Agaric in forest by Stefan Holm on

Magic Light... by Alvaro Escobar on

mishroom wishes by Geert Weggen on

Amanita muscaria by Georgi Georgiev on

mushrooms and birds by Vlado Pirša on

Untitled by Attila Konkoly on

A Shoulder To Lean On... by Robin Polman on

The mushroom by Murat Bakmaz on

Mushroom by Daniel Nimmervoll on

The Cosmopolitans by Michel Schamp on

I finally found you by Angga Ra Putra on


Deep Forest by Alida Jorissen on

. : one moment : . by Martin Pfister on


COUPLE by Muhammad Ridha on

Mushrooms and lights by Andy 58 on

Mushroom dreamland by Daniel Nimmervoll on

View from above. by Miguel Silva on

Helmlinge by cassilda dias on

Untitled by Eirik Havre on

mycena in light by LucVanDeWeghe on

. : two grazien : . by Martin Pfister on

. : mad mushrooms : . by Martin Pfister on

This is just a small selection of the beautiful mushroom photography on 500px. Seriously, even we were surprised at just how many gorgeous photos of fungi we were able to find. To see them all, click here. And if you have your own to share, don’t hesitate to upload to 500px and post a link in the comments!