In addition to being published in storied publications like NatGeo and TIME, there is one other way you can tell if a photographer or individual image has reached true fame in this day and age: Wikipedia.

Once you have your own Wikipedia page, it’s safe to say you’ve officially made it, and by this AND many many many other standards, photographer and conservationist Art Wolfe is one of the best known and most renowned travel shooters to ever pick up a camera.

In the video below, produced during his talk at the 2015 B&H Optic Imaging Conference, he shares his incredible journey, some of the mind-blowing firsts he was able to photograph, and how to “make it” as a successful travel photographer.

It’s a long video, clocking in at just over an hour, but if you can’t watch it now then do yourself a favor and bookmark it… for that matter set an alarm as well, so you don’t forget to watch it later. This is a must-watch.

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