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November is nearly over, which means that we’ve only got one week left to enjoy watching these 12 top photographers choose and share their favorite photos on the 500px Editors’ Choice page. But not to fear! There’s still plenty of time to get to know these amazing photographers, and learn what makes them tick.

We recently got up close and personal with street photographer Lee Jeffries, whose powerful, expressive portraits of the homeless have captivated the world. Whose work does this portraitist admire on 500px? Read on to find out!

500px: What do you like to shoot with, and what’s your preferred editing software?

LEE JEFFRIES: Canon 5d mark 1, 24mm f/1.4L, Lightroom/cs6

For you, what are the qualities of a great photograph?

LEE: Those that stimulate intellectually. I like images that lay bare the artist’s skill in incorporating the metaphysical. A great photograph should send your subconscious into overdrive. You should be seeing and feeling in unison.

How did you get started with photography?

LEE: To quote an excerpt from a recent email, “Loneliness is a state of being…and your work reveals that implicitly. I guess that you make images to allay those feelings of loneliness but in fact get closer to the essence of being even more alone.” I guess that state of being has become self-perpetuating for me.

Out of all your photos, what is your favorite, and can you share the story behind this shot?

LEE: This image:

LEE (continued): For me the story is not in how an image is made, but more what the final image says. This image defines faith and perhaps the struggle many of us have embracing it. The metaphysical gets to work immediately. The more you study the shot, the more you will interpret. The final verdict comes from the viewers—as it should be.

Are there any photographers in 500px whose work you admire?

LEE: Joey L. is the consummate professional. I know they all put their pants on the same way, but keeping it together and getting something emotional from Robert De Niro, for example, indicates to me that this photographer has supreme confidence. Also, there’s Anna Pavlove. The mood she can evoke in an image is incredible. Her lake shot lives inside me. It’s truly stunning.

Lee Jeffries’ Favorite Photos On 500px

Now that you’ve gotten to know him a bit better, check out some of Lee Jeffries’ favorite photos on 500px, including the works of Anka Zhuravleva, Patric Shaw, Klem, Joey L., and Marco Pugliese!

Duet by Anka Zhuravleva

“The staging of this is right on! The out of focus foreground gives the emotion in the centre such immediacy. Sleeves over hands—so feminine. The black, strong horse—so masculine. Ethereal beauty at its best.”

Julie Ordon by Patric Shaw

“The opulence of the color palette akin to velvet. An image so tangible you wanna kiss those lips! Incredible work by Patric Shaw.”

About Love by Klem

“The motion. Evocative. My mind wanders to the times I’ve been in love—the submissive lines her body makes truly emphasizing love’s unmistakable desperation. Sigh.”

Jessica Chastain by Joey L.

“I reckon it would be darn near impossible not to walk away with a great shot of Jessica. But c’mon, people! This is impeccable! The strength belying the delicacy.”

MonteGrona by Marco Pugliese

“Personal. For me there is no more spiritual place than Lake Como. I’ve never seen a photograph capture the very essence of that like this image. It’s more than a landscape. It’s defining.”

To see more of Lee Jeffries‘ favorite images, make sure to check out our Editors’ Choice page.

Want to see more of his work? Visit his Facebook page or follow him on 500px.