Street style photography has taken over the fashion world. September marks the start of the international fashion calendar, starting with New York Fashion Week. Designers display their incredible fashion lines as buyers, influencers, and celebrities take in high-production fashion shows. The culture around street style blew up as popular fashion blogs began to pop up covering not only what models were wearing on the runway, but what audience members were rocking as they walked in and out of shows across cities Milan, Paris, and New York. Soon other cities Seoul and Tokyo began to create their own edgier and riskier waves in the world of street style.

At 500px, we celebrate so many different photography styles from around the world. This month we challenged photographers to submit their favorite street style captures to the street style Quest. We gathered a mix of those submissions and other incredible photos to compile this list of 24 street style photos and looks to inspire!

Get inspired as we show you the latest from the industry’s best street style photographers as they travel streets around the world of fashion.

Deux by Nolis Anderson on

Johny by Edwin Be on

Dorama by Olesya Nabieva on

London Collections Men 2016 by Anton Dee on

Heartagram by Roberto Campos on

PFW 2017 by Pierre Couderc on

The Beanie by Abdel Abdulai on

Paris Fashion Week by KUANIMAL  on

Surrounded By Hounds by Gary Cohen on

PFW by renoteles on

Cult of personality by Roberto Campos on

Graduate Fashion Week 2016 by Anton Dee on

Street Style by Eldar Samedov on

 by Eray Dinç on

Baschi by Andreas Jopp on

London Collections Men 2016 by Anton Dee on

Fashion Week / 2017 by Eldar Samedov on

Street Style by Daniel Garzón on

BFW for @ellesseheritage by LAMARR GOLDING  on

Spring Fashion! by Eldar Samedov on

DSC by A.C. Parsons on

DSC by A.C. Parsons on

fashion in Soho by Simon Clarelli on

Bunga by Andreas Jopp on

Fatima by Ernesto Pérez on

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