This past June marked the second Licensing Rush at 500px—a new contest dedicated to the outstanding Licensing Contributors that make up the 500px Community. Throughout June, we were tallying up all the new, accepted Licensing photos submitted to 500px Licensing by the photographers who opted-in to the contest, in order to determine the top three contributors.

The results are in, and we’re ecstatic to announce the winners!

In first place is 1victorianbrie—Miss Brieanna S—$300 US prize.

This June, Brieanna, a student photographer from the United States, took first place in Licensing Rush with 177 accepted photos! With her Portfolio, Brieanna captures still life, landscapes, portraits, and pet photography, which highlight nature’s beauty as well as the connections people have with it.

Coming in second place is AllNea—Olha Dobosh—$150 US prize.

Olha places second in Licensing Rush for the second time in a row! With 141 accepted photos, Olha secures the silver medal for June’s Licensing Rush. With her lens focused on simple lifestyle moments, Olha’s submissions encompass a range of Licensing concepts, including connection, family, animals, hobbies, food, and health.

Lastly, third place goes to codestream—Vincent Janssen—$50 US prize.

In third place with 100 accepted photos, Vincent captured a variety of different, yet equally stunning vistas and landscapes. Vincent’s photos evoke wanderlust, and a desire to escape the everyday with their connection to popular commercial themes of travel, adventure, and nature.

With over 2,500 photographers participating in June’s Licensing Rush, it was a tight competition with many great photographers coming close to the top spots. Be sure to watch out for the next Licensing Rush announcement, and your chance to win!

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