Each month, we highlight some of the best Licensing submissions in our 500px New in Licensing Gallery. In this series, we’ll delve into why these photos are in high demand and make for excellent Licensing content. As part of our ongoing commitment to educate and inform our 500px Licensing Contributors, we’ll feature new and relevant photos on a monthly basis to help inspire creativity and connect Contributors with the latest trends in the Licensing industry. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this month’s top 10 photos that are sure to captivate and inspire.

First up, Suriya Silsaksom’s June submission is real, relatable, and a perfect example of a ‘slice of life’ moment that sells well within commercial advertising. We appreciate various aspects about this shot.

1. We love how Suriya has captured various trending themes, such as health and technology, intertwined with conceptual themes of friendship, connection, and support.

2. We love how this photo illustrates the action of two people running, and does not come across as posed or staged.

Cami Suciu has captured this beautiful close up shot that relates to various trending themes. From gardening to healthy eating, Cami’s photo is beautifully composed, full of color, and very appetizing.

1. We love how Cami’s photo is appealing to a variety of content buyers. Brands and companies within the food, gardening, and sustainable industries could all use this photo.

2. We appreciate how relatable the image is. The jalapenos have imperfections, and the use of gardening gloves all add to the story of the photo. The viewer can easily believe this is a homegrown harvest from the model’s own backyard.

Great photos make you feel when you look at them, and we have all the feels for this one. We love how Artem Varnitsin has captivated us with feelings of love, exploration, endless possibilities, freedom, peace, and happiness.

1. We appreciate how Artem used age diversity within this photo, and because of that, this photo takes on a whole new set of concepts and connotations. We see this photo as representing the ‘new retirement’ lifestyle that more and more retirees are experiencing. It defies harmful stereotypes of the senior population that are typically seen in commercial advertising.

2. We love the minimal aesthetic in this photo. The main focus is the couple with the right amount of background shown to communicate that they are sailing. There is a lot going on in the scene but with the right perspective Artem has kept things clear and concise.

Miri Garcia has stolen our hearts with this shot illustrating the carefree nature of being a child.

1. We appreciate the universal connection of a child jumping in a puddle with rain boots. It is easily interpreted across various audiences.

2. We love how this photo illustrates anticipation before the big splash.

500px Prime Creator Iza Lyson captured this stunning shot in her signature dog photography style.

1. We love that Iza has mastered a signature style, setting her portfolio apart from others in her genre.

2. We love how the dog in the photo is framed by the background trees and flowers. It adds depth and visual interest to the shot while focusing the dog as a main subject.

Check out the rest of our featured submissions below, and take a look at the New in Licensing June 2023 gallery for more inspiration!

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