Each and every day more and more 500px photographers are making their first sale through 500px Prime. It’s been awesome watching these happen from behind the scenes, but now we want to share these inspirational stories with the rest of the community!

That’s why we put out a call for Prime Success Stories, and every week we share a new one with you. So far we’ve seen photos of cats, owls, and motorcross races sold, all by amateur photographers.

Today’s story, the fifth in the series, comes from photographer Jake Penrose, who had a buyer asking about his otter photo before he ever even submitted it to Prime! That’s the power of having your images on 500px.


The first [photo] I sold on 500px Prime came as a surprise. I hadn’t made any images available for licensing but I was contacted by 500px stating there was interest in a particular image.

It was an image of some swimming otters, and of the images I had on my profile, it was probably not what I’d have ever guessed would be the one. I was thrilled that someone would be interested enough to request licensing. It also has me pretty thrilled about 500px because I would have expected that most images not listed for licensing would get more or less ignored by people browsing for images to purchase.

I also love that selling one image on 500px basically paid for my year of the photography creative cloud scheme which I purchased via 500px with the Awesome + Adobe account. If I can be lucky enough to sell at least one license a year, then for that reason alone it is totally worthwhile!

Given the other images on Jake’s profile and in his Prime store, we’d guess he’ll sell more than one per year! Here’s a look at a few of our favorites:








Keep checking back with ISO every week for a new user-submitted Prime Success Story, or submit your own by sending me an email at dl@500px.com. And if you haven’t already, get your already-awesome 500px images into the Prime collection! It’s super easy, just follow these steps.