Marcia is a Brazilian lifestyle photographer who has mastered the micro moment that we see gaining traction in commercial photography. She captures the small details that happen throughout the day, helping to translate a universal narrative of authentic lifestyle visuals.

Q: As a commercial photographer based in Brazil, are there any challenges you face when creating commercial content?

A: My country is not a big supporter of the arts in general. Being an artist here is quite complicated and can be frustrating many times. Devaluation of work can be the most challenging part of the whole experience.

Little Mister Sunshine by Marcia Fernandes on

Q: What has been your favorite commercial project to shoot to date?

A: I love to shoot childhood and simple life projects. The ones not overly produced and most authentic are the ones I love most. I like to hear the laughter, the hair falling through their eyes and noses, the toes full of dirt and leaves, the way kids do what they do is just a bit of magic in our everyday life. I believe my favorite so far is the one with my kids and dog in the living room, when there was nothing but life happening.

Sofia by Marcia Fernandes on

Q: Is there any advice you can give photographers looking to break into the commercial photography space?

A: Patience, try to shoot something new and simple everyday, you surely have something nice in your daily routine. Stop and stare at it for a moment, I’m sure you’ll find something to shoot.

Bed Sheets by Marcia Fernandes on

Q: You shoot a variety of lifestyle content, is there a specific sub theme within this genre that you gravitate towards?

A: Childhood is certainly the theme I keep myself into most of the time. It’s always so full of life, laughter and kindness, kids are always so pleased with the smallest thing, not one worry in mind, it’s hard to give that up.

Trip to the Market by Marcia Fernandes on

Q: What prompted your recent series of intimate portraits titled: ‘Love is Love’?

A: We live a big political problem here in Brazil with the new president. And the lgbtq+ community has been scared of everything that has been going on, the many steps backwards the country has taken in that (and many others) matter. Shooting it, and showing it to the world is a way of resistance and not allowing anyone to break us down

Love is Love by Marcia Fernandes on

Q: What are the challenges and rewards you encounter from shooting content that is representative of the LGBTQ+ community in Brazil?

A: It has been harder in the last year, since the fear has been surrounding everyone and we have to choose our locations wisely, in order to be safe. Many lgbtq+ people also don’t want their pictures published, fearing they might suffer some kind of violence. We are facing dark times, and that makes everyone scared. But being able to show to others that we stand tall, that together we are stronger and that we will not hide is certainly rewarding enough.

Beach Love by Marcia Fernandes on

Q: You have made a total of 46 sales in the last few months, what excites you the most about seeing your Licensing collection translate into saleable commercial content?

A: The most fantastic thing about is surely is the opportunity to see my work all over the world. I can’t always trace the sales, but when I spot it in so many places I myself have never been, I can only feel humbled and proud.

Dog Kiss by Marcia Fernandes on

Q: You have managed to sell your image ‘Christmas Lights’ 29 times, why do you think this image has been so popular with commercial buyers?

A: I believe it reminds us of childhood days, playing in a tent with siblings, excited about that time of the year. It’s simple and nostalgic.

Christmas Lights by Marcia Fernandes on

Q: What are you looking forward to most as you grow your commercial collection on 500px?

A: I’m looking to produce much more content and see my pictures spread even further. I can’t thank you guys enough!

Summer Splash by Marcia Fernandes on

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I’m leaving Brazil and heading to Canada for some time. So everything will be new, I’m really excited to shoot in the snow, since that’s something we don’t have around here. I’ll have much more time to make new collections and meet new people, so that’s pretty exciting and I just can’t wait!

Summer Shared by Marcia Fernandes on

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