The world’s eyes are on Hong Kong today. Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters are gathered everyday in the city streets and government offices, demanding that they freely elect their own leaders after China insisted on vetting candidates for Hong Kong’s 2017 elections. What began as a wave of student-led demonstrations months ago is still going strong, and the protestors remain unrelenting in their demand for free and open elections. To this day, they continue to wait and fight for change, donning umbrellas, masks, raincoats, and goggles to protect themselves from tear gas and other dispersion tactics by the police. Most have named these protests the “Umbrella Revolution”.

These dramatic scenes of civil unrest in the streets have been well-documented by protesters on social media and blogs over the previous days. We’ve stumbled upon a slew of these remarkable photos on 500px, and we’d like to share them with you.

Scroll down to see a collection of stirring photos and stories of 500px photographers—protesters themselves—who are on the ground, documenting the protests, the barricades, the pandemonium, the tears, and the faces of hope and change on camera.

“Protesters marching up connaught road from central to join those in the admiralty.”

“All along, protesters keeping a distance.”

“Police frontline continues to push towards admiralty from central. Behind them is another group of protesters.”

“Do you hear the people sing? A banner in Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution.”

“Police setting up lines behind the troop, marching backwards. Protesters marches peacefully in the same direction.”

“The 9/28 night. The Hong Kong police attack [the] people.”

“We [aren’t] afraid of tear gas. We only want civil nomination for Hong Kong Chief Executive election.”

“Tear Gas deploying in Central, the richest economic district in Hong Kong.”

“Occupy Central in Hong Kong became the historical evolution of the cost of a rare large-scale riots, tens of thousands of people are heading Lands rally yesterday afternoon, the police were obstructed front wall and iron railings, someone figure blockade, police cast a total of at least several hundred thirtieth tear gas after demonstrators rush scattered, immediately turn back to the scene, police reinforcements continue to make Admiralty, Central into a battlefield.”

“Handing out goggles to keep pepper spray out of the eyes. Admiralty, Occupy Hong Kong at lunchtime yesterday (29/9).”

“A protestor drinks the last of their milk during the students protest for democracy outside the legislative council building in HK. Riot Police in the background.”

“We want democracy. This is our time to have the revolution. Although we have nothing on our hands, but remember, HKers, we all have faith.”

“Young demonstrator, Occupy Hong Kong, Admiralty, 29/9.”


“Is this sign, seen at the Occupy Hong Kong Admiralty location, becoming a bit of an icon at demonstrations worldwide?”

“Hong Kong is in a desperate situation, we need help around the world! The photo depicts demonstrators (on the left) sit above from the Legislative Council Complex, looking at the Civil Square. After the police recaptured the Civil Square yesterday.”

“Young man handing out food, water and face masks at lunchtime.”

“Pill for strength to carry on.”

“Food, water and other goods are donated and transported by citizens themselves.”

“Occupy Hong Kong support distribution point; water, masks, food, towels, umbrellas, all of which was donated.”

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