One of my greatest passions as a photo lover is travel photography. I say “as a photo lover” because I personally can’t take a travel photo to save my life—I simply suffer from a sever case of wanderlust and like to aggravate that suffering by browsing through beautiful photos from all over the world… a lot.

I also appreciate the variety that the genre of travel photography offers. Landscapes, portraits, street photography, architecture, all of it CAN be considered travel photography depending on the style, place, and intent behind each photo.

This is a travel photo, something that could end up in a tourism brochure:

Silent Kingdom by guerel sahin on

But so is this, despite it not being tied to a specific location. It simply captures the wanderlust-filled spirit of travel:

Desolation by guerel sahin on

And both of these photos were captured by the same photographer—the subject of this feature and one of my favorite 500px users to follow: Guerel Sahin.

Guerel captures images all around the world, often in some of the most beautiful and iconic spots in Europe like Venice, Florence, the Italian alps, Bavaria, London, and more. His account is a must-follow on 500px, especially if you suffer from wanderlust like I do.

San Marco by guerel sahin on

White Wall by guerel sahin on

Dawning by guerel sahin on

Alpine Fairyland by guerel sahin on

Sedation by guerel sahin on


5 Terre by guerel sahin on

Morning Mist by guerel sahin on

Fairytale by guerel sahin on

Light me Up, London! by guerel sahin on

Skyline by guerel sahin on

Cold Flame by guerel sahin on

Golden Dunes by guerel sahin on

Splendor of Rome by guerel sahin on

To see more from Guerel, follow him on 500px ASAP! You can also find more of his work on his website, Facebook, and Instagram.