The worlds concept and fashion photographer Bella Kotak (NSFW link) creates are dreary, dreamy, and ethereal. They remind us of the faerie worlds of literature—not “fairy,” which is usually associated with bright colors and children’s books, but the darker and more mysterious “faerie.”

Based out of Oxford & London, Bella describes herself as an “art lover” from a young age whose life was changed when she picked up a camera and embarked on a 365 project.

From the bio on her website (NSFW link):

From that moment she was hooked by this medium that translates thoughts and imagination into tangible form. Inspired by fairytales, nature and strong feminine characters Bella’s pictures lift the veil of the overlooked and reminds us that there’s magic in the most ordinary of spaces.

Scroll down to get lost in the tangible worlds of Bella’s imagination:

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