Even after you’ve taken a photo, the image can continue to evolve through post-processing—whether it’s enhancing sharpness, color correction, cropping, or compositing. I have found that post-processing also helps to develop your eye so the next time you’re behind your camera, you’ll have a better understanding of the type of photo you’re trying to create.

Here are four of our most popular landscape tutorials to help take your photos to the next level.

1. 8 Post-Processing Tips For Creating Beautiful Landscape Photos by Jimmy Mcintyre

This is a great place to start regardless if you’re new to post-processing or not, because it features a range of tips—from lens flare to color correction—and more advanced techniques, like gradient maps.

Mount Fitzroy at sunset by Jimmy Mcintyre on 500px.com

2. How I Returned From Middle Earth With This Photo by Daniel Laan

Daniel Laan’s tutorial uses Lord of the Rings as inspiration for turning your landscapes into fantasy worlds of color and tone.

Imladris by Daniel Laan on 500px.com

3. How To Edit Ice and Snow In Your Landscape Photos by Ignacio Palacios

This article is perfect for any snowy landscape photos you’ve shot this winter. It uses Adobe Camera Raw and Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro plug-in to enhance details often lost in landscape photos.

SKOGAFOSS by Ignacio Palacios on 500px.com

4. How To Transform Your Landscape Photos Into Surreal Infrared Images by Alfonso Novillo

Infrared film creates a dream-like quality in your photos where bright skies appear dark and green foliage looks white. This tutorial teaches you how to add this surreal look to your digital photos.

Land of Fire by Alfon No on 500px.com

Now that you’ve checked out these tutorials, it’s time to put these skills to work! Experiment with these new techniques and upload your results to 500px. Show us your post-processing skills by posting your photos in the comments section below. We will share the best images on the 500px Twitter account.