Since we’re in the middle of summer in North America, our minds are consumed with travel. Whether it’s planning a trip to visit favorite destinations while the weather’s warm or indulging our wanderlust by scrolling through our bookmarked feed of travel photos, we’re currently very distracted by dreams of traveling the world. Our Content Team spent this month interviewing photographers to get the story behind some fantastic travel shots. Here, Content Editor, Alejandro Santiago caught up with Carmine Chiriaco, a self-taught photographer based in Rome, on his photo The Storm.

the Storm by Carmine Chiriacò on

Where were you when you took this photo?
The photo was taken in Castelluccio di Norcia, a little town in the center of Italy.

What inspired you about this location?
Between the end of May and mid-July, an incredible natural event happens in the valley of Castelluccio hills, called “La Fioritura” (the flowering), where dozens of flower species bloom and decorate the earth. The land is usually grassland during the majority of the year, but during this event, the valley is colored in bright yellows, violets, and reds. It’s an event that attracts many national and international photographers each year.

What do you look for when capturing a unique travel moment in a natural environment?
In my photography, I try to represent the natural beauty of the location and to impart to all the viewers the same emotions that I feel when I take the photos.

What did you technically do to capture this beautiful moment? Did you use any special equipment?
In this shot, I didn’t use any specific technique nor particular equipment [Chiriaco uses a Nikon D750]. I didn’t have time to spend setting up additional gear because the storm was approaching, so I simply caught the moment with my camera.

What did you hope to convey through this photo to a viewer?
The beauty of a place that is one of a kind throughout the entire world.

How does your approach differ when you are photographing nature versus an urban scene?
My personal photographic approach to nature or urban life is not so different because my aim is to tell a story that each viewer can experience, and allow them to see the world through my eyes.

To see more of Chiriaco’s captivating photography of the Italian countryside and urban scenes, follow him on 500px.