UPDATE: Just weeks after a devastating quake shook Nepal, ANOTHER deadly earthquake measuring in at a magnitude of 7.3 has struck the country. Any assistance you may be able to offer is more important now than ever.

This post was originally published after the first earthquake struck, but all the relief organizations listed are still relevant and trusted ways to ensure your aid reaches the right people. Donation links have been updated where necessary.

A little more than a day ago, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated the country of Nepal and the surrounding areas, killing over 2,400 people and leaving many more injured or missing. Aftershocks as strong as magnitude 6.7 have been felt as far as Delhi in India, and the death toll continues to climb as the people of Nepal attempt to begin a tragic and difficult recovery.

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to the people of this beautiful country, and the families of those lost in the quake. As such, though it has nothing to do with photography, it seemed only right to provide a list of organizations that are rushing to Nepal’s aid in its hour of need, just in case anybody in the community would like to donate and help.

I personally have donated through CARE, but I’m confident that any of the organizations below will put your donations to good use:

The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has already committed $300,000 to the response, and is working closely with the Nepal Red Cross and the global Red Cross network to provide additional support in the form of first aid, search & rescue, and support to first responders.

Donate HERE.


CARE is a humanitarian organization that works to fight poverty and provide aid in 87 countries. Teams from the organization are already on the ground in Nepal offering disaster relief.

Donate HERE.


Oxfam is an confederation of 17 organizations that provides food, clean water and sanitation. The organization is preparing an emergency response and could use your help.

Donate HERE.


The UN agency is mobilizing quickly to get aid to the children and families in Nepal. As UNICEF says on their Nepal landing page, “any amount you can give will help save kids’ lives.”

Donate HERE.

Help Nepal Network

The Help Nepal Network is a global charity dedicated to health and education-related projects in rural Nepal. Help them collecting funds to aid in the relief efforts underway.

Donate HERE.

Samaritan’s Purse

Samaritan’s Purse is a non-denominational evangelical Christian organization that aids people around the world. The organization has already deployed a team of 16 disaster response experts, including six medical personnel, to the area.

Donate HERE.

There are, of course, more organizations you can donate through. If we’re missing a major non-profit that you have chosen to help through, please drop a link the comments so others can join you.