In honor of New York Fashion Week, we’re getting stylish here at 500px. There are some great fashion photographers who share their photos with the community, and we want to make sure they get the recognition they deserve for creating such stunning work.

Each day of NYFW, we’ll feature a different photographer whose images we think represent the fashion photography du jour. From street style, to editorial work, to runway and behind the scenes shots, if you’re remotely interested in fashion photography you’re going to want to stick around!

From the glamorous, intense, Vogue-like editorial work of jean | noir we shift gears to the street style and runway photography of Roberto Campos, one of our favorite fashion shooters on 500px because of his incredible talent shooting fashion on the streets.

We actually asked Roberto about his Fashion Week experiences a while back. Here’s a snippet of that interview that is particularly poignant given the sub-zero (Fahrenheit) wind-chill here in New York City today:

Honestly, Fashion Week is a time where reality distorts entirely. People behave in a way people don’t in the real world. Things that seem normal there are not normal four blocks away.

The craziest thing of them all would be the amount of suffering some of these girls put themselves through — physically speaking. You see them in photos smiling and looking gorgeous in front of the cameras, on a mini skirt when it’s freezing cold outside, and it’s better if it’s windy because then, their hair moves and it looks nice.

Then when the show is over, and the crowd dilutes or migrates towards the next location, these girls curse their feet, maybe change shoes to some sneakers a good friend has been carrying around for them all day, and go inside the first Starbucks they spot just so they don’t freeze to death. All for what? I wonder.

This obviously only happens during the cold-weather Fashion Weeks. The ones during summer are more forgiving. But to this day, this just puzzles me. I wear sweaters, jackets, and coats — scarves too — and some of these girls go around as if it was the hottest day of the year. I don’t know if the attention they get is worth it or not. Personally, I think fashionable people can be chic and warm at the same time.

We hope you’re staying warm today if you’re shooting in NYC or going out to take on our Fashion Photography Contest — warm and chic, that is. But if you’re hanging out indoors, get your street style fix by checking out some of our favorite images from Roberto’s portfolio:

Street Style and Editorial Work:

Runway and Behind the Scenes:

To see more of Roberto’s work, be sure to follow him on 500px, visit his website, or check him out on Facebook and Instagram.