Travel. For the love of all that is holy, if you can manage to simplify your life and scrounge up enough savings over the course of a few months, take some time off and go exploring with your camera in hand.

That’s one thing that’s been driven into me incredibly hard during my first year as 500px‘s Editor in Chief, and a message doubly emphasized today when I read Chris Burkard‘s REI-sponsored #OptOutside post on Medium.

It’s cheaper than you think, and if you can’t afford to go far away, begin by exploring your back yard. As Chris put it:

Less stuff, more life.


I used to think that creating a life based around the outdoors was some unapproachable dream—something that took crazy amounts of money or some amazing stroke of luck.

But the reality was it didn’t take either of those things, it actually required me to live with less…. money, food, clothes and camera gear to name a few things. By going with less I feel like it made me experience more.

For my part, today I’m dreaming about Alaska… a gorgeous state that is calling to me on this chilly New York afternoon. Join me as we tour this natural wonderland in 30 breathtaking photos:

Outward Bound by Marc  Adamus on

Bear by Volodymyr Burdyak on

Eagle Fight by Matthew Studebaker on

Getting Out by Kent Mearig on

Curious Bear by Kyriakos Kaziras on

Mount Johnson Piercing Clouds by Scott  Rinckenberger on

Aurora Dreamscape by Cj Kale on

Milky Way above Arctic Circle by Justin Ng on

Bored Baby Breaching by Cameron Zegers on

Frozen Lake by Ryan Black on

Thunder Mountain Veiled in Clouds by Kent Mearig on

The Search For Salmon by Buck Shreck on

Alaska Mountains by Banan Tarr on

Mount McKinley by Amazing Views Photography on

Winter Ponder by Kyle Moffat on

Sea Otter in heavy snow by Greg Schneider on

o by Chris  Burkard on

The New day! by Carlos Rojas on

The Symphony of Northern Lights by Noppawat Charoensinphon on

Polar Bears and Pink Sky by Matthew Studebaker on

Muskox by Tin Man on

I got you! by Evgeny Tchebotarev on

Blowing winds by Carlos Rojas on

Blue Ice by Terence Leezy on

Sunset in the valley of the Squaw river by Vitaliy Demus on

Whale-dancer by Gleb Tarro on

Under the northern lights by Nan Zhong on

Humbled In Our Smallness by Toby Harriman on

The Grand Scene... by Mac Danzig on

Boxing Bear by Olav  Thokle on

To see even more beautiful photos of Alaska and Alaskan wildlife, click here and just keep on scrolling for about the next hour… you won’t run out.

And if you have your own story of photograph (or both!) from Alaska, we’d love to hear it! Drop us a line in the comments and share your memories of awe-inspiring Alaska.