This weekend is the perfect time to explore astrophotography—not only is Tanner Wendell Stewart teaching a 500px Class all about photographing stars, but the Leonid meteor shower will also be taking place. Instead of packing up your gear after sunset, why not point your lens to the sky?

Get started with this excerpt from Tanner’s Class tutorial. He discusses the ideal camera settings, how to focus in the dark, and stabilize your tripod so you can get amazing star photos. Check out the 500px Class for the full video.

If you’re ready to give astrophotography a try, don’t miss Tanner’s gear recommendations here!

Have questions about astrophotography? Instead of scouring the Internet for answers, ask Tanner directly at his 500px Class live Q&A! Join “Astrophotography: Nightscapes & Meteors” on Friday, Nov. 17th, at 3pm EST.

500px Classes are free for 500px members with an Awesome, Pro, or Pro+ membership.

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