Holy warm fuzzy blankets Batman! You guys did not make it easy to pick a winner for our latest Photo Quest, that’s for sure!

A few weeks ago we announced my favorite Photo Quest theme yet: Get Cozy. We wanted fuzzy blankets, hot chocolate, warm coats, snuggles, cuddles, and just plain coziness. You delivered in spades.

From more animal photos so cute they broke our brains to artistic images that any brand would be incredibly proud to license, here are some of our favorite submissions. We’re incredibly proud to present, the “Get Cozy” shortlist:

Tell Me A Story by Naomi Anselmo on 500px.com

Drinking Bokehballs | Hannover, Germany by Philipp Gehrke on 500px.com

Winter Comfort Food: Lamb Bourguignon by Alexa Fernando on 500px.com

Volo by Peter Cantrill on 500px.com

Reddish Knob in Winter by Mattias Clymer on 500px.com

Christmas Stollen by Anshu A on 500px.com

A Peaceful Place by Jørn Eriksson on 500px.com

Cozy family morning by ????? ??????????? on 500px.com

Pumpkin soup by Mirage Gourmand on 500px.com

wrapped (2) by Susanne Ludwig on 500px.com

Bed Buddies by Andy Dixon on 500px.com

Of course, it’s not a Photo Quest without a prize; in this case an amazing kit from our friends at Palette. So, of the over 6,000 entries we got for the Get Cozy photo quest, here are the 3 winning shots, as picked by our very conflicted Content Editors:

3rd Place


If there’s something cozier than a warm puppy asleep wrapped in blankets, we don’t know what it is…

2nd Place

You warm my soul by Carlos M. Almagro  on 500px.com

There’s so much closeness and warmth in this photo. The embrace and lamp chase away the cold, forming a little bubble of cozy around this adorable duo.

1st Place

Bare couple feet by the cozy fireplace. Man and Woman relaxes by warm fire with a cup of hot drink a by Photographer Smaglov on 500px.com

And, finally, the winner! This photo encompassed more of what we were asking for than any other shot submitted to Get Cozy: the roaring fire, the hot cups of coffee, the fuzzy rug, the pajama-clad legs—it’s all there.

Congratulations Smaglov! A $500 Palette kit will be making its way to you very shortly. Enjoy it!

If you didn’t snag a spot on our mid-way post, final shortlist, or top 3, don’t sweat it because another Photo Quest is coming your way post haste. Check back on 500px ISO later today to see what we’ve got lined up for you next… and good luck!