Numbers are unavoidable in our daily lives. From the numbers on the front of your house to the bus that takes you home every night to your bowling score on a night out, we see and rely on numbers in everything we do. Their meaning is universal, and often cross language barriers — which is especially helpful for the intrepid traveller! We recently asked the 500px community to get out and explore the world of numbers for the Photo Quest It’s a Numbers Game! sponsored by Air New Zealand. The airline was searching for images of specific numbers spotted out in the wild — the more humorous, weird, or unique the better. And, boy, did you all deliver.

While all of the following photos were purchased by Air New Zealand, one of these photos won big with a grand prize of tickets for two on an international Air New Zealand flight. Scroll down to find out who won!

number game by milikhakharia on

99-ChrisDudgeon by CHRIS DUDGEON on

five by Paolo Certo on

Happy birthday! by Julia Wimmerlin on

649 by Harry Schuler on

649 by Philipp Gehrke on

149 by Nuno Silva on

Nr 12 by Kai Friis on

The Pretzel that was a Six by Imaginatio Photography on

Maredith Photography by Maredith MG on

59 by Yoshi on

29 by Pierre-Alexandre Garneau on

29 by Benacer at Work on

Into nature

Pink 9 by Philipp Gehrke on

Number 49 - on the move by Karen Tipper on

Number 19. by Tim Poole on

Nineteen Bricks by Deric Olschner on

­­ ­­??­ by Tadeu Dreyer on

9.jpg by Jeremy Heywood on

999 by Pierre-Alexandre Garneau on

Starndkorb 3 by Alexander W on

Number 69 by Agata Bednarska on

FLY WITH ME by Willi Meister on


649 by Aluisius Sudiarto on

1-2 by Harry Schuler on

Canoe 15 by Elke Meister on

And the winner of the It’s a Numbers Game Photo Quest is:

Cake and Candles by Imaginatio Photography on

Big congratulations go out to Imaginatio Photography for capturing such a joyful image and winning two tickets to New Zealand on Air New Zealand!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this Photo Quest. If you missed out on this one, don’t worry—we’ve got plenty of other fun Quests to keep you busy, so get out there and keep shooting!