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We’ve been absolutely loving getting to know the 12 top photographers who have been curating the 500px Editors’ Choice page over the past month!

Today, we turn our attention to Dubai-based photographer Alisdair Miller, whose job as a creative director for an ad agency has given his creative eye a unique perspective that can be seen in his dynamic photographs of architecture and urban landscapes.

Alisdair at work

We recently spoke to Alisdair about how he got started in photography, what he looks for in a great photograph, and the reasons behind his picks for our Editors’ Choice gallery. Read on and enjoy!

500px: What are your tools of choice?

ALISDAIR MILLER: I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark 3, Canon 1ds Mark 3. Canon TSE 17mm, Canon TSE 24mm, Canon 14mm, Canon 85mm f1,2. Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe CS6.

For you, what are the qualities of a great photograph?

ALISDAIR: A great photograph starts with the subject matter. This can range from something that is original to an image that tells a story, or a moment that creates an emotion of some sort. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. After this, light, composition, and technique are key—they can make the difference from a good photograph to a great photograph.

How did you get started with photography?

ALISDAIR: I am a creative in an advertising agency, so I have worked with many photographers in the past on many large photo shoots. I learned a lot from just watching these pros. So one day, I thought I would give it a go and I instantly became an addict.

Out of all your photos, which one is your favorite?

ALISDAIR: I have a few favorites, but the one that I enjoyed taking the most—the moment which I will never forget was the shot I took from the top of the Burj Khalifa entitled, “Vertigo”:

ALISDAIR (continued): Not many photographers get a chance to go to the very tip of the tallest building in the world. It was an exhausting trip up that took nearly an hour with the last section being a 100m vertical ladder. I was exhausted!

The moment we lifted the hatch and I looked down, I was awestruck. Sitting on the edge with ropes attached to me, I placed my camera on a monopod and hung it out as far as I could. Then, I rattled off a few shots.

Are there any photographers in 500px whose work you admire?

ALISDAIR: As I am in advertising, I do love seeing commercial work. I love the digital darkroom. I am always on the lookout for great artistic and technical composites. Three artists that come to mind are Karezoid Michal Karcz, Tim Tadder, and Adrian Sommeling.

Alisdair Miller’s Favorite Photos on 500px

Now that you’ve gotten to know him a bit better, check out some of Alisdair Miller’s favorite photos on 500px, including the works of Xavier Jamonet, Beno Saradzic, Manuela Kupla, Uli Staiger, and Karezoid Michal Karcz.

War of the worlds by Xavier Jaconet

“I had to give an Editors’ Choice to Xavier. His compositions are brilliant. Je manages to get that perfect light. This particular image is dramatic with great use of foreground subject that leads the eye into the vast landscape behind. Love the tones.”

While you were sleeping by Beno Saradzic

“This look and feel, I love. The color grading is nicely-done, giving it that sort of Blade Runner feel. The depth of the image is great with the addition of the early morning mist. I love modernity, and this oozes it. An Editors’ Choice was given for the treatment as well as the composition of the image.”

Cuddle Mirikinas by Manuela Kupla

“The framing of these two monkeys with the black space surrounding them makes it an intriguing image with an almost design-like quality. The painterly effect is nicely done with the added impact of the bright orange eyes. The use of negative space is great. I’ve been following Manuela for a while now. I love her different take on the animal world as well as her technique, so I believe she deserved an Editors’ Choice.”

Flaschenpost by Uli Staiger

“I find this a technically superb composite. The idea is great, the execution of the image is top-class, and the depth created is spot-on. The green bottle against the blue-gray backdrop is a nice touch. The lighting, color grading, and everything else I have mentioned made me give this image an instant Editors’ Choice.”

Monuments of Deceit by Karezoid Michal Karcz

“Karezoid Michal Karcz is an artist I have been following for some time now. This guy certainly leaves an impression. His storytelling is mind-blowing. I love the scale he portrays in this particular composite. The color grading and his technical skills are brilliant. His work is art, and Karezoid has managed to own a unique look and feel. A well-deserved Editors’ Choice.”

To check out more of Alisdair Miller’s incredible work visit him on 500px, his official website, or on Facebook.