Nearly ten thousand photos were submitted to the 500px Fujifilm Global Photo Walk photo contest! How amazing is that!? Almost ten thousand photos captured by photo walkers from across the globe as they explored a nearby city with friends and geeked out about photography.

So many great photos were submitted by 500px all-stars and newbies alike, but we only had 5 prizes to give, so we’ve spent the last few weeks pulling our hair out trying to figure out what those best photos were. Today, we make the announcement!

Scroll down to see who won—from the Best Marketplace Photo, to the Best Group Photo/Photowalk Host, to the Community Pick, each of these winners are walking away with a brand new Fujifilm camera!

500px Staff Pick: Best Marketplace Photo

Prize: Fujifilm X-T1 Kit

Mystery by Solihin Suhaimi on

500px Staff Pick: Most Relevant Themed Photo

Prize: Fujifilm X-T10 Kit

Friendship by Maja Top?agi? on

500px Staff Pick: Most Creative Mobile Photo

Prize: Fujifilm X-T10 Kit

On reflection - The dome of St Paul

Popular Vote: Community Favorite

Prize: Fujifilm X30

bluevscolours by Fabio Cappellini on

500px Staff Pick: Best Group Photo/Favorite Host

Prize: Fujifilm X30

Fleeing the Paparazzi by Photocillin ! on

A huge thanks to all of our amazing sponsors. Fujifilm, Photolife, Macphun, and ThinkTank Photo. Without each of these sponsors, our Global Photo Walk wouldn’t have been such an incredible success. Check out each of their websites and know that each is a 500px-approved and 500px-loved company!

And if you’re one of the winners, please hang tight. We’ll be getting in touch with you to confirm mailing addresses, and working with Fuji to get those cameras to you ASAP. It may take a couple of weeks though, so please be patient with us!