Brooklyn-based photographer Navid Baraty‘s ‘Intersection’ series is one of our favorite projects ever uploaded to 500px.

Each photo is captured from the top of a skyscraper, looking down on the busy streets and parks of New York or Hong Kong or some other mammoth city… and if a few of these images don’t give you vertigo, then you are braver women and men than us.

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An ongoing project—the latest image was uploaded to 500px just 5 days ago from 42 stories above Bryant Park in NYC during a summer movie night—we find ourselves waiting with bated breath for the next photo in the series.

Here are some of our favorite ‘Intersection’ photos from Navid’s profile, which you should most definitely go check out and follow!

Honestly, this spotlight doesn’t quite do Navid justice, because his skills are hardly limited to capturing big cities from above. His NYC street photos are fantastic, he’s expanding into photojournalism, and he even mixes some astrophotography into his portfolio for good measure!

To see it all, including more photos from this series, follow Navid on 500px, check out his website, or show him some love on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.