The most popular Valentine’s Day photo on 500px isn’t a conceptual shot of hands holding, or an intimate closeup candid of a couple, or even a still life photo of flowers or chocolates or some other Valentines-themed knick knack.

Nope, the most popular Valentine’s Day photo on 500px is this creative image of a couple sharing a surreal sunset dinner by Durdali Dalgin:

Happy Valentine

Obviously this was done more for the sake of art than actually sharing a meal, but you can’t deny that this image has all the romantic elements one often associates with Valentine’s Day. What’s more, it’s both exceptionally executed and yet somehow still feels intimate… almost candid.

As soon as we stumbled across this image we wanted to know the story behind it, and lucky for us, Durdali shared a behind the scenes look on this YouTube channel!

Check it out below, and use it to inspire your next romantic photo shoot. Romance, after all, doesn’t stop on February 15th.

Religious voiceover aside (our apologies if that was awkward for or somehow offensive to anybody) the video shows the sheer amount of work that Durdali went through to get this amazing photo.

They say taking better pictures is, largely, about standing in front of more beautiful scenes; They don’t tell you that sometimes getting in front of those beautiful scenes, or creating them yourself, takes a lot of messy, hard work.

To see more of Durdali’s work, be sure to visit him on 500px, check out his website, or say hi on Facebook. If you liked this image, you’ll be happy to know that this is FAR from the only “epic” couples shot he’s captured.