It’s that time of year again! As we bid farewell to 2015 and welcome in 2016 with open arms, we’re taking a fond look back at the most popular images shared on 500px this past year.

There are only two rules:

1. The photos must have been uploaded to 500px (not necessarily taken) in 2015.

2. No photographer may appear more than once on any list, so everybody gets a chance to be featured.

That’s it. We’ll be sharing the Top 10 most popular photos in every category, in addition to an overall Top 10, a Top 10 best-sellers, and a Top 10 ISO posts, so get excited!

We’ve already covered a bunch of Top 10s for our Best of 2015 series, including the the Top 10 Landscapes, Top 10 Portraits, and Top 10 Macro photos. Now it’s time to stalk our way into the animal kingdom for the Top 10 Animal photos of 2015!

10. Raindrops by Tanja Brandt

Raindrops by Tanja Brandt on

9. Towards the Light by Viktoria Haack

towards the light by Viktoria Haack on

8. Yoh! by Mark Bridger

Yoh! by Mark Bridger on

7. Hi Human by Wolf Ademeit

hi human by Wolf Ademeit on

6. Eastern Bluebird by Connie Gifford

Eastern Bluebird by Connie  Gifford on

5. Now that you wake me up is better for you to start running by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza

Now that you wake me up is better for you to start running by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza on

4. Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy by Dylan Furst on

3. Steam and Dust by Greg Du Toit

steam and dust by greg du toit on

2. Namibia by Marina Cano

Namibia by Marina Cano on

1. Wow!!! by Vadim Trunov

Wow !!! by Vadim Trunov on

Let us know what you think of the Top 10 in the comments down below. And if you have a favorite animal photograph (wildlife or otherwise!) that you wish had broken into the Top 10 this year, share a link with us!