When you’re in the process of trying to create something impactful, it’s important to take a step back to celebrate what drives you. This is something that our team of 37 people try to incorporate into everything we do at 500px.

Recently, we’ve had our heads buried in our laptops (don’t worry, we came up for air), hard at work on our mission to create the best experience for our photographers. But it’s not realistic for us to spend time developing 500px without being inspired to get out and take photos ourselves. So we decided to close our computers and get back to our roots, immersing ourselves in the reason we all love working at 500px: photography!

To take advantage of the summer weather, we recently packed up our DSLRs, film, and phones to take photos as a team on Lake Ontario, not far from 500px HQ in downtown Toronto. We hope you enjoy the photos we took—they’re 100% inspired by you, our community.

the get[away] by Stephanie Newell on 500px.com

Credit: Stephanie Newell, PR and Community Manager

Towards Toronto by Martin Klapetek on 500px.com

Credit: Martin Klapetek, Android Developer

Toronto Island Canoeing by Michael Tighe on 500px.com

Credit: Michael Tighe, Web Team Lead

Paddlin’ by Katherine Wellman on 500px.com

Credit: Katherine Wellman, Marketing Manager

New Wave by Sarah Robinson on 500px.com

Credit: Sarah Robinson, Content Manager

Sinkr  by Annie Halim-Paulionis on 500px.com

Credit: Annie Halim-Paulionis, Operations Analyst

Canoeing with 500px by Michael Tighe on 500px.com

Canoe Friends by Rebecca Weir on 500px.com

Credit: Rebecca Weir, Operations Manager

Canoeing with 500px by Michael Tighe on 500px.com

Now it’s your turn! You still have another month of summer, we’d love to see what’s inspiring you to get out and shoot: upload your photos to 500px with the tag #500pxSummer. We can’t wait to see what you create!