In August, we launched a fantastic opportunity for talented photographers to be able to win stand-out gear from our amazing sponsor brands. All that was required was to submit your images to the relevant Quest and you could be in the running to win!

Today, thanks to our jury of experienced photographers we’re ready to reveal the winners for each of the 7 Quests that made up the campaign.

Asia Winner and Runner-ups

Judged by: Kosuke Kurata
Sponsored by: Lo & Sons

First Place: Khong Giang

A message from Kosuke about the winning image:

To me, this photo contains all the striking elements: such as eye-catching lighting conditions, which is absolutely breathtaking and supports strongly the story behind it. I see the humbleness of the cultural tradition which even seems holy and spiritual within the perfectly structured composition. The contrast of light and shadow accentuates the depth providing a tremendous visual impact ultimately capturing an unparalleled moment. I can sense their breaths from this picture – Kosuke Kurata.

Second Place: Mustafa AbdulHadi

Third Place: Tanvir

About the Judge

Kosuke Kurata is a talented Nikon and Drone photographer based in Japan. His photography is diverse, artfully capturing busy urban spaces as well as the more serene landscapes in remote parts of the world.

South America Winner and Runner-ups

Judged by: Matt Meisenheimer
Sponsored by: Rotolight

First Place: Karol Nienartowicz

A message from Matt Meisenheimer about the winning image:

This is a fantastic image. The Andes is a world class location that provides some of the best mountain landscapes in the world. The dappled light across the landscape also helps makes the image pop. Lastly, the diagonal lines on both sides of the image perfectly frames the lines and turqoise lake.

Second Place: Murphy Osborne

Third Place: Q Liu

About the Judge

Matt Meisenheimer is a photographer based in Wisconsin. His artistry revolves around exploring the wilderness and constantly seeking out new adventures. He strives to capture those brief moments of dramatic light and weather, which make our grand landscapes so special.

North America Winner and Runner-ups

Judged by: Seth Macey
Sponsored by: Broncolor

First Place: Marvin Ramos

A message from Seth about the winning image:

This image has beautiful light, but it also demonstrates a technical understanding of how to use equipment (in this case likely an ND filter) to craft a breathtaking scene. The motion of the clouds caused by using an ND filter makes for such an interesting image. The calmness of the water with the boats and reflections nicely contrasts the city skyline in the background. A city that will likely be hustling and bustling as the sun continues to come up after this image was captured. The image highlights a brief period of tranquility in a metropolitan zone that will come alive quickly.

Second Place: Pietro Olivetta

Third Place:  Christoph Schaarschmidt

About the Judge

Seth Macey is a wildlife and landscape photographer based in Ontario, Canada. Seth spends the vast majority of his time behind the lens immersed in nature, learning the land, researching, and tracking animal subjects. He is also the co-host of the Photographer Mindset Podcast where photographers in leadership roles are invited to come on the show and share ways in which listeners can build their mental fortitude, develop out of the box thinking strategies, and work smarter towards their own versions of success in photography.

Oceania Winner and Runner-ups

Judged by: William Patino
Sponsored by: Moment

First Place: Benjamin Maze

A message from William about the winning image:

A well-executed image, showcasing a unique and remote area in all its glory. The composition effectively leads the eye and creates a great sense of depth, with the refined post-processing helping further emphasize this. Ben has nailed this one, making me feel like I’m right there, enjoying the fleeting moment and light.

Second Place: Tony Stevens

Third Place: Simone Osborne

About the Judge

William Patino grew up in the coastal town of Wollongong, NSW Australia and has been a full-time landscape photographer since 2014. Photography came into his life around 2011 and it has helped him see the world differently, giving him a newfound appreciation for nature and the many intricacies that he once overlooked and perhaps took for granted. His work is based around a deep reverence and awe of nature and the creator, and it’s this that I try and express through my images.

Europe Winner and Runner-ups

Judged by: Tomas Havel
Sponsored by: Billingham

First Place: Stas Mandryka

A message from Tomas about the winning image:

What first caught my attention, is the poetic atmosphere and interesting reflection taking place. The cold color scheme, with the pop of yellow and red, really works well for this photo. The action helps to create the photo even more real and almost makes me feel like I was there when this photograph was made. I would like to put on my ice skates and try this unique ice mirror.

Second Place: Karol Nienartowicz

Third Place: Iza Lyson

About the Judge

Tomas Havel is an award-winning landscape photographer based in the Czech Republic with work published worldwide. His images have been published on some of the biggest media channels such as National Geographic, Nasa, or Discovery.

Africa Winner and Runner-ups

Judged by: Segun-Kabir Sani
Sponsored by: Godox

First Place: Deanna DeShea

A message from Segun about the winning image:

What a shot! The perspective and storytelling are just some of the things I love about this photograph. The foreground texture and background composition make this image unique.

Second Place: Mehdi El Marouazi

Third Place: Jaco Marx

About the Judge

Segun-Kabir Sani is a visual storyteller and a firm believer in passion and creativity as core ingredients of his craft. Whether hunting for inspiration or waiting patiently for food at his favorite restaurants, he always has a camera nearby. His images mainly use natural light and are structured around real authentic moments rather than posed photos. He continually aims for the real thing, hunting for those strong emotions that result in beautiful, honest, and raw images.

Antarctica Winner and Runner-ups

Judged by: Sara Zanini
Sponsored by: Sandmarc

First Place: Lisa Vaz

A message from Sara about the winning image:

I love how the same subject filled the frame to create a very interesting repetitive motive like a geometric one with the aid of very well-balanced colors. The eye of the viewer starts from the focused area and then moves first to the foreground and then to the background as if he wanted to count all the penguins in the image.

Second Place: Nina Stavlund

Third Place: Jeff E

About the Judge

Sara Zanini is a travel and aerial photographer. She works with a Mavic 3 drone which gives her the possibility of infinite points of view that allow her to recreate, in the moment of the shot, the emotions that she felt in front of the wonders of the world and nature.