Here at 500px, technology is a huge part of our day-to-day experience. Much of what we do would be impossible without the power of technology – which is why we wanted to celebrate it in our recent Photo Quest, “Technology Today.”

We asked you to show us how technology touches your lives, and boy did you deliver with some incredible imagery!

Without further ado, we’re pleased to announce our shortlist of favorite images, and of course, our winner!

But first, let

Modern View by rastereYes on

Hightech Blessing with love one by Jonathan Chua on


The Wanderers Path by Umer Anwer on

??? by linlin Li on

Family 2016 by Frano Jerkan on

Of course, it’s not a Photo Quest without a prize; in this case an amazing camera daypack from our friends at Mindshift Gear. So, of the over 6,000 entries we got for the Technology Today photo quest, here’s the winning shot, as picked by our very conflicted Content Editors:

Marina / Smartphone by ibreakp hotos on

Congratulations to the creative mind behind these photos! Your Mindshift bag will be making its way to you very shortly. Great job!

If you didn’t snag a spot on our mid-way post, final shortlist, or top 3, don’t sweat it because we’ve got another fabulous Photo Quest going on – Bokeh! Check it out and you could snag one of three incredible camera lens prizes.