Nothing else could make us happier than seeing these photos of animals out and about this Fall season—captured for you by 500px photographers. From four-legged friends like dogs and cats playing in a pile of leaves to cute critters hoarding food to majestic birds soaring atop red-and-golden trees—here are autumn’s most awesome animals.

“I was shooting these autumn dog portraits, when opportunity come to take some action photos. The dog went wild over the flying leaves, so it was easy enough to throw some leaves so that the dog jumped to the frame. The pose of the dog is so hilarious in this shot, it is like a ninja doing flying kick.” – Sami Multasuo

“Snow leopard.” – Alida Jorissen

“Red Deer Stag. At dawn.” – Mark Monckton

“This is Spikey the hedgehog. A wonderful animal who lived in and around my garden for three years. He was spoiled by the children who gave him catfood and mealworms. Maybe he decided to move on but I’m glad I have taken his picture in this beautiful autumn setting to remember him by.” – Edwin Kats

“Looking up at a Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) descending the trunk of a mature tree.” – Simon Roy

“Wild animals bring a great random factor to any halloween still life. Not a photoshop job.” – Max Ellis

“This little cub is learning climbing by his mom. She is so carefully, the cub is climbing between the front legs, so she can’t fall.” – Rob Janné


“Another amazing opportunity to shoot a wolf in a great, natural environment.” – Dustin Abbott

“Bald eagle caught while flying.” – Dariusz ?akomy

“Photographed in Denali NP, these two young cubs run along on the autumn kissed landscape to keep up with their mom. Along the way, they would stop to feed on berries, generally explore the area, and play. What a fabulous viewing we had!” – Debbie Tubridy

“A juvenile frog hiding in an empty Horse Chestnut shell.” – Simon Roy

“A Mountain goat doe and her kid framed between golden Larches displaying peak Fall color in North Cascades National Park, WA. The little goat, still quiet timid was making its first bold steps outside its refuge—the steep slopes of the mountains.” – Saravana R

“Loggers cut down a tree with a nest with small dormouse. The dormouse went out of the nest, climbed the stalk, and because it was light and they are night animals, they became sleepy. I took some photos and called the rescue station worker. After the fall of the tree, dormouse suffered no injury…” – Miroslav Hlavko

“This shot was made in Suzdal (famous Russian city) this September.” – Elena Shumilova

“Great Horned Owl is one of the most beautiful owls. We had the opportunity to photograph the beautiful owl in the sun-drenched autumn colors Šumava.” – Michal Jirouš

“My favorite thing here is the beautiful velvet texture of the antlers of this elk. Autumn is coming early this year, and we have already had our first frost. This cool day was a perfect one to capture this big fellow in all of his glory. P.S. Images like this one remind me of how much I love my 70-300L. So sharp, so easy to use, and the images rarely disappoint me.” – Dustin Abbott

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