From the milky way galaxy in France to the Northern Lights in Norway, these 25 spectacular shots of the night sky around the world remind us of the immensity and spectacle of our beautiful planet.

Provence, France

...abbaye de sénanque... by roblfc1892 roberto pavic on

Washington, USA

When Worlds Collide by Dave Morrow on

Sardinia, Italy

Trip in Sardinia by Stefano  Vita on

Hvítserkur, Iceland

Aurora Twister by Þorsteinn H Ingibergsson on

Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Mt Bromo Under The Stars by Elia Locardi on

Tyriol, Austria

The Climb by Nicholas Roemmelt on

Colima, Mexico

Colima Volcano in Mexico, powerful explosion and lightning by Sergio Tapiro Velasco on

Death Valley, USA

Sandbox Under the Stars by Peter Coskun Nature Photography on

Mount Cook, New Zealand

Galactic Dance by Jay Daley on

Davis Station, Antarctica

Signs of an aurora I by Robert Isaac on

Fanad, Ireland

Fanad by Marius Kaste?kas on

Mitiamo, Australia

Forgotten by Lincoln Harrison on

Western Australia

Lost in the Dark by Michael Goh on

Alberta, Canada

Abraham lake star gazing by victor Liu on

Patagonia, Argentina

Creeping tree by Daniel Kordan on

New Mexico, USA

VLA and Milky Way by Knate Myers on

Namibia, Africa

Light painting Epupa Falls. by Patrick Galibert on


Divine Revelations by Lauri Lohi on

South Dakota, USA

Farming the Rift III by Aaron Groen on

British Columbia, Canada

Astroyoga by Paul Zizka on

Doha, Qatar

Energize by Hammad Iqbal on

Mersing, Malaysia

Rising Milky Way above spectacular lightning show by Justin Ng on

Asturias, Spain

Silence Beach by Manu Díaz on

Oland, Sweden

Galaxy rising by Jörgen Tannerstedt on

Big Sur, USA

Lead Us To The Stars by Michael Shainblum on

Lofoten, Norway

Stjerntind by Stian Klo on

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