A pregnant woman is going to look beautiful in just about any portrait scenario, and a good portrait photographer knows how to make sure of that, but if you’re looking for some out-of-the-box or maybe just out-of-the-ordinary pregnancy photo ideas to add to the repertoire, we dug through the 500px archives to find a few good ones.

Below are our 7 favorite fun, creative, and touching pregnancy photo ideas we ran across. Some will involve some Photoshop skill and planning, others will take you two minutes and add a fun shot to the more serious, heartwarming images you usually capture.

Scroll down to read them all, and then let us know what you think in the comments down below! Oh, and if there’s a cool idea we missed, share that too : )

1. The Reflection

Leah-Jane and little Jasper by Mick Fuhrimann on 500px.com

The first three are all a form of “before-and-after” shoot, so they’ll take a bit of planning since you’ll need both a pregnancy shoot (or several) and a post-birth shoot, but the results are definitely worth it!

The reflection is the easiest of them. All you need is a little bit of Photoshop skill and a reflective surface in your studio.

2. The Basic Before & After

Before & After by Mick Fuhrimann on 500px.com

A classic, but one we don’t see that often on 500px simply because of the time and fore-thought it takes. Make sure you have the first photo to reference when you shoot the second, because you’ll want to match the pose and expression as best you can for maximum effect.

3. The Single-Frame Time-Lapse

*** by Igor Koshelev on 500px.com

The final type of “before-and-after” shot, this one will probably take the most work. You have to plan several shoots while the mother is pregnant and then another after the birth. Done right, the final product is quite touching.

Again, pay attention to posing. Try to have the time-lapse tell a story, and it will make the image that much more captivating. Alternatively, some moody lighting and a bit of stacking in Photoshop can also produce beautiful results.

4. Baby Loading…

Loading by Marco Ciofalo Digispace on 500px.com

Okay, enough before and afters. This one is super simple. Either get to drawing on that belly or overlay in Photoshop after. Simple, quick, and a fun shot for the mom to share on social media. What’s not to like?

5. The Floating Mommy

Little Yellow Balloon by Charles Brooks on 500px.com

If your Photoshop skills allow, put something a bit more fun together like Charles Brooks did for this levitating pregnancy photo. The subjects were musicians, so the instruments add a fun personal touch, but that’s certainly not a necessity.

What got us was the idea that the mom is “floating away” like a balloon—something we hadn’t seen before, but immediately made us smile.

6. Fun with Pets

Babysound ;-) by Sascha Werner on 500px.com

This may be your subjects first human baby, but if they’ve had some furry babies in the past, bringing them into the picture can make for a fun and funny final product.

The photo above is a great example. The dog licking belly is a common and cute photo we ran across a bunch. And though we couldn’t find one, we’d love to see a photo with the puppy doing the stereotypical “head tilt.”

7. Playing Telephone

Memories by Ivan Gevaerd on 500px.com

Maybe we’re showing our age here, but we loved this simple, touching idea when we ran across it. Put together a little string telephone and have one of the kids talk to the sibling-to-be. Or, if there aren’t other siblings, have the mom or dad talk to them.

It works best with kids, but regardless, it’s a sweet idea we couldn’t help but share.

BONUS: The Bicycle Pump

Pump up the volume by John Wilhelm is a photoholic on 500px.com

A bonus simply because it’s so common, the bicycle pump blowing up the belly photo is a tried and true fun pregnancy photo. Get the family kids involved, or if there aren’t kids, have the husband do it. The more extreme their expressions, the funnier the final shot AND the more memorable the photo shoot.