Each weekday, we save you the trouble of keeping track of the pile of photo news coming down the pipe by doing it ourselves. Then, once we’ve uncrossed our eyes, we compile the Top 5 stories into a 500px News Roundup that will keep you up to date without eating up hours of your day.

We list out the top stories along with a short summary that hits the high points. If you want to read more, we’ll include our source links at the end of each blurb. If you don’t… well… you don’t have to do anything. Scroll down and get informed!

Top Stories for Monday January 12th, 2015

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1. Photographer Sued for $500K by Model Who Claims He’s Responsible for Misuse of Her Images

Stock photographer Joshua Resnick is currently in the middle of every photographer’s nightmare. His photos of a model were stolen off the Internet and misused, and the model is blaming him for it, suing for $500,000 in federal court. He’s asking for help to defend himself in what could turn into a dangerous precedent-setting lawsuit. [Read More at PetaPixel]


2. Samyang Releases Affordable 135mm f/2 Portrait Lens for the Budget Conscious

Interested in getting into portrait photography but don’t have a ton of cash to drop on a great portrait lens? Samyang/Rokinon have you covered. Released earlier today, their new 135mm f/2 costs only $550 and is going to be available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Micro 4/3, Fuji, and Samsung mounts. Compare that to the nearly 2K it’ll cost you to pick up the Zeiss alternative. [Read More at The Phoblographer]

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3. Vincent Laforet Captures Unbelievably Gorgeous Aerial Photos of NYC at Night

Aerial photography of New York City might not get any more beautiful than this. We’ve seen some incredible aerial photos of the Big Apple before, but Vincent Laforet‘s images take the cake. Captured while hanging out of a helicopter over the city, you can read a first-hand account of the vertigo-inducing experience by following the Read More link. [Read More at Storehouse]

4. Fascinating Video Takes You on a Journey Through the Evolution of Canon Lens Technology

Sometimes it’s good to sit back and just marvel at the technology that we all take for granted these days. In the recently released video above, Canon takes you on a journey back in time and shows you how they went from the first EF lenses, to the modern-day marvels we use today. Enjoy! [Read More at FStoppers]


5. Former Luxury Phone Chief Becomes Hasselblad’s New CEO

Hasselblad is making some changes at the helm. A couple of days ago, the storied company official appointed a new CEO, electing to have Perry Oosting — former CEO of luxury mobile phone manufacturer VERTU — lead the company into the black. [Read More at Hasselblad]