The results are in…

Round two of the 500px and Neil Dankoff Photography Competition has come to an end. The judges were blown away with the submissions and after much deliberation, we couldn’t be more excited to announce the winners, runner-ups, and honorable mentions from the competition.

A recap of the drool-worthy prizes

Runners-up and honorable mentions:
Each photographer will have their photo featured on 500px and Neil Dankoff’s website and will receive a custom photo book from Fujifilm that features their winning image and name beside their photo.

Category winners:

The first-place winners for each of the six categories of this competition will have their work printed & mounted by Pikto for an exhibit in two of Neil Dankoff’s galleries (Kandy Gallery Yorkdale and Kandy Gallery at Hotel X Toronto) giving your work highly deserved exposure.

The category winners will also each receive a DatAshur SD with a 1TB istorage micro SD Card from Storage and a diamond polished 1” thick acrylic block featuring a photo of your choice from Bumblejax.

Grand prize winner:

The grand winner will receive an all-inclusive trip of a lifetime to two of the top resorts in the Seychelles located in the Indian Ocean, Hilton’s Northolme Resort & Spa and Hilton’s Labriz Resort & SpaValued at over $16,500 US.


The Big Reveal…

Grand Prize & Architecture Category Winner: Sara Zanini

Sara Zanini is a talented landscape and aerial photographer. She often works with drones to capture a scene from unexpected angles and has captured many recognized locales through a perspective that feels new and enthralling. Many others have attempted to capture these beautiful locations, yet it is through her unique artistic eye and detailed planning that this final image was created.

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Wildlife Category Winner: Karthik Subramaniam

The San Francisco-based photographer knows how to capture nature and wildlife. The image “Fasten Your Seatbelts, We’re Landing” captures the elegant bird at just the right moment with the eye staring straight at the lens and the contrast between the wings and the sky drawing the viewer in.

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Streetlife Category Winner: Olivier Unia

The simple everyday moments can be the hardest to capture in a manner that makes them feel grand. Olivier does this with finesse in the image “Rabat Playground”, using the natural light, negative space, and silhouette in an artistically creative way.

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Landscape Category Winner: Antonio Valente

A landscape photographer based in Switzerland, Antonio Valente. Often working with Sony equipment, his landscapes have an otherworldly quality and although working in naturally beautiful settings his technical skill takes the location to another level.

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Portraiture Category Winner: Martin Neuhof

Martin Neuhof is based in Germany and works to capture fellow human beings to meet a diverse pool of needs. From weddings to portraits and business, this photographer can creatively meet any portrait needs.

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Aquatic Category Winner: Sarah Wouters

Sarah Wouters 61 years old, is a Dutch citizen but native Thai. She is a travel photographer who lived in the Netherlands for more than 25 years then immigrated back to Thailand 7 years ago where she began practicing photography.

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Runners-up and Honorable Mentions

Architecture Runners Up

Photo by: Andrea Schuh


Photo by: Aluis Dos


Photo by: Elena Bolshakova


Architecture Honorable Mentions

Photo by: Sara Zanini


Photo by: Patrick Atlas


Photo by: Yusuf Ratlamwala


Photo by: Christian Bangerter


Photo by: Nicholas Lonack


Wildlife Runners Up

Photo by: Jaya Kumar


Photo by: Karthik Subramaniam


Photo by: Yosuf Ratlamwala


Wildlife Honorable Mentions

Photo by: Antonio Sementa


Photo by: John Redup


Photo by: Johan Von


Photo by: Chase Knight


Photo by: Thomas Hall


Streetlife Runners Up

Photo by: Veronika Ko


Photo by: Sandip Bose


Photo by: Sarah Wouters


Streetlife Honorable Mentions

Photo by: Olivier Unia

Photo by: Gregory Cordier


Photo by: Alexander Frais


Photo by: Evelyn Bitencourt


Photo by: Patricia Rojas


Landscape Runners Up

Photo by: Ivan Pedretti


Photo by: Antonio Valente


Photo by: Pavel Beran


Landscape Honorable Mentions

Photo by: Karthik Subramaniam


Photo by: Thomas Rieger


Photo by: Aleksander Aleksovsky


Photo by:  Christian Bangerter


Photo by: Deryk Baumgartner


Portraiture Runners Up

Photo by: Vladimir Kamarazov


Photo by: Gustavo Chams


Photo by: Rich Johnson


Portraiture Honorable Mentions

Photo by: Martin Neuhof


Photo by: Time Drake


Photo by: Veronika K Ko


Photo by: Matteo Veronesi


Photo by: Tim Drake

Aquatic Runners Up

Photo by: Charles Jason Wolcott


Photo by: Andrea Izzotti


Photo by: Vladimi Karamazov


Aquatic Honorable Mentions

Photo by: Matt Hardy


Photo by:  Atmo Kubesa


Photo by: Atmo Kubesa


Photo by: Christian Bangerter


Photo by: Charles Jason Wolcott