Believe it or not, most of the most popular portraits EVER shared on 500px were captured using only natural light! That’s right. No expensive lighting equipment—just great framing, beautiful models, killer posing, raw skill, the occasional reflector, and whatever natural light was available.

To that end, we’ve compiled 50 of the absolute best, most stunning portraits we could find on 500px that were shot using just natural light.

Scroll through these for inspiration, but be warned: your flash will look a lot less appealing after you’re done.

Happiness by Stefan Vidojevic on

CAROLIN by Julian Marochow on

Sweet Relief by Nichole Quinn on


Natalya by Ann Nevreva on

Catch Me If You Can by Scott Kelby on

Shine Bright by Suzy Mead on

Rachel - Natural Light by Dani Diamond on

Daydream by Nina Masic on

Autumn whispers by Maja Top?agi? on

Lurk by TJ Drysdale on

Self Portrait by Mika Hiltunen on

Golden Girl by Lisa Holloway on

Masha by ???????  ????????? (Georgy Chernyadyev) on

Amy by Peter Coulson on

Twilight by Jessica Drossin on by Cristi Mitu on

Holly Croft by Rob Jamieson on

The question on your mind by Evgeny Tchebotarev on

Portrait by J.J. Taylor on

Kaylynn by Aaron Woodall on

Dee by nutz sison on

Sheila - natural light portrait by Maurice Jager on

Andrew by Dani Diamond on

Julia by Michaela Rother on

Tyler VI by Charles Hildreth on

chris1 by DAVID MAS  on

Anastasia by Dennis Drozhzhin on

in the sunset by Emmy Lou Virginia on

Nadine by Nina Schnitzenbaumer on

Treat me Right by Georg Schmidt on

K S E S H A by Michel Raginsky on

Tyler by Charles Hildreth on

miya by Mary Perlifonova on

Soul by Amber Bauerle | Frosted Productions on

Eva III by Alexandros Giovanis on

soldier by Kaire K on

Olga by Ann Nevreva on

C* & L* by  PortraitsBySam on

Lost in Thought by Ashlyn Mae Photography on

Chrystal by Jay Kreens on

careen by jean | noir   on

CIGAR AT SUNSET by Chris Evans on

Dana-11 by Ivan Borys on

Light by Luis Valadares on

Olesya by Mikhail Naumenko on

• S A N D R A • by Alex Haala on

Melissa by Susann Krebs on

only a father know by Hegel Jorge on

A* by  PortraitsBySam on

Have your own gorgeous natural light portrait to share? Go ahead and upload it to 500px and drop us a link in the comments. And if you have a favorite Natural Light photographer on 500px that you’d like us to know about, share a link to their profile too. Help us find talented folks to feature!