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This week, I chose a theme for my 500px Travel Photos of the Week, and that theme is ‘moody’. All of these photos sum up the week I have had. Not that it was even a bad week, just busy, filled with some (ok, a lot) of stress, and some major life changes on the horizon had me just feeling a little less vibrant. My mind has been in a fog, and every single one of these startling photos spoke to me.

It also didn’t help that I am the subject standing on the road in Chris Burkard’s photo from Lofoten Norway. I was with Chris in Norway helping to make a film on him for SmugMug and our friend Stian Klo told us how to get to what he labeled as the most magnificent road in all of Norway and he was not wrong.

I froze for a while as we kept taking thirty-second exposure after thirty-second exposure waiting for the clouds to be just right and finally, Chris screamed in excitement. To this day, this is my favorite photo taken of me. So I guess I was a little biased in my top selection this week… but hey, it’s Burkard!

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Lofoten, Norway

By Chris Burkard

Nighttime Glow by Chris  Burkard on 500px.com

Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

By Ryan Dyar

The Window Scenic by Ryan Dyar on 500px.com


By Kilian Schönberger

Ancient Beech by Kilian Schönberger on 500px.com

Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming

By Craig Goettsch

Emergence by Craig Goettsch on 500px.com


By Klaas Fidom

Serenity by Klaas Fidom on 500px.com

Brec de Chambeyron, Alps

By Fabien Dal Vecchio

Genesis by Fabien Dal Vecchio on 500px.com

South Korea

By Jae Youn Ryu

Jurassic Dreams by jae youn Ryu on 500px.com

Osaka, Japan

By Peter Stewart

Speedlanes by Peter Stewart on 500px.com

The Vatican

By Pat Charles

You spin me right round by Pat Charles on 500px.com

Burg-Eltz, Germany

By Max Conrad

Eltz castle by Max Conrad on 500px.com

Toronto, Canada

By Tim Gaweco

1 by Tim Gaweco on 500px.com