Jellyfish are as beautiful as they are dangerous. In fact, the Box Jelly is THE most venous animal on Earth. But potential pain has never stopped photographers before and it clearly doesn’t get in the way when a 500pxer knows there is an amazing photograph to be captured.

From the Portuguese man o’ war to less dangerous but equally colorful and spectacular varieties, the 30 jellyfish portraits below are simply breathtaking.

If you didn’t know better, it would make you want to go grab your snorkeling gear and head for the water. For now we suggest you head to the aquarium instead… but not before you check out all 30 photos below!

If you’re not quite satisfied with the collection above, you can find many more incredible jellyfish photographs on 500px. And if you’ve got your own uneerwater or aquarium-captured photos of these graceful, ethereal creatures, drop a link in the comments!