GPS data is pretty awesome. You can use it to remember exactly where you captured that great photo a few months ago, or to scout spots with your phone before you lug your big camera gear out there, or to find the best location and framing on 500px from across the world before you ever hop on a plane.

And, in addition to all of these cool perks, there is at least ONE more: fun roundups like this one!

Digging into the GPS info in our database—both manually and automatically entered by our faithful 6+ million users—we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 most photographed cities on 500px. Digging this out of the back end was harder than you’d think, but the results were well worth it! So let’s start with 25 and work our way down.

25. Florence, Italy

Beauty of Florence by guerel sahin on

Piazza della Repubblica, Firenze by Giulia Carlozzo on

Sunset in Florence. by Pedro López Batista on

The descent by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza on

A morning scenery in Florence by Takeshi Ishizaki on

24. Montreal, Canada

Silent night by Alex Rykov on

Notre Dame Basilica by Nikhita Singh on

Get your semi fresh Oysters here!!! by Mike Scruton on

Montreal by Liban Yusuf on

23. Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Spain by AirPano on

LaunchinG IntO OrbiT # ReloadeD # by Guillaume Rio on

Museu del Disseny (Barcelona, Catalonia) by Marc Garrido on

The Cathedral by the Sea. by Jimbos Padrós on

 Parc Guell in Barcelona... by Armen Gh on

22. Taipei, Taiwan

2014 Taiwan, Taipei 101 fireworks by Wiwi Liu on

Walking in the city by Hanson Mao(???) on

???????? National Performing Arts Center by Portraits  of Taiwan on

We are not lonely tonight by Hanson Mao(???) on

Taipei night view by Sean Hsu on

21. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver city Panorama from the summit of Grouse Mountain by Pierre Leclerc on

Vancouver Nights by Brenda bryson on

False Creek Blue Hour by Ray Green on

Blazing Turbulence by Jason Duncan on

Foggy Night by Alexis Birkill on

20. Vienna, Austria

Rathaus, Vienna by Alexander Aigner on

Karlskirche by César Asensio on

Vienna Opera by Christian Thür on

Greatness in the Mirror by Dan Chirita on

View from the St. Stephens Church by Christian Thür on

19. Lisbon, Portugal

My Lisbon by Krzysztof Kusy on

?Silence of Dawn? by Ricardo Mateus on

The "Bica" Funicular - Lisbon, Portugal by Ricardo Bahuto Felix on

Untitled by Daniel Antunes on

Lisbon light by Jorge Maia on

18. Sao Paulo, Brasil

Estação da Luz! by Francisco Marty on

São Paulo - Tilt-shift by Robson Ortlibas on

The man between cars by Thiago  Sotnas on

São Paulo Bokeh by Charles Brooks on

Catedral da Sé, São Paulo by Uiler Costa on

17. Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Monument Independence of Ukraine by Dmitry Vinichenko on

Evening Kiev by Sergey Polyushko on

Is God Here..? by Aku | ? on

Winter in the Kiev by Inna Petrova on

Ukraine by Den Didenko on

16. Milan, Italy

Duomo di Milano by Francesco Alamia on

Duomo di Milano by Dain Blair on

Midnight Shopping by Michael Wiejowski on

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall by Petricor_Photography on

Roman ruin in Milan by Francesco Alamia on

15. Seattle, Washington, USA

Foggy Atmosphere by Danny Seidman on

Cherry Blossems by Vijay Chebium on

Supermoon 2012 by Quynh Ton on

Seattle Downtown by Yu Sheng on

Seattle, Pier 66 by Daniel Cheong on

14. Moscow, Russia

Festive City by Sergey Alimov on

Photographing St basil

Moscow City by Mike Kolesnikov on

*** by Max Vysota on

Moscow morning by Sergey Shaposhnikov on

13. Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Lone House on Ellidaey by Silken Photography on

Heimaey by Sunpixx  on

View from Heimaklettur by Ágúst Eiríksson on

Vestmannaeyjar Puffin by fegari . on

Heimaey by Ástþór Ingi Pétursson on

12. Istanbul, Turkey

KIZ KULES? by Fatih Akal on

Life is beautiful by Gürkan Gündo?du on

Fascinating City in Istanbul by Seyfullah Yalç?nkaya on

Old history in istanbul by Aylin Kinacioglu on

?STANBUL / TURKEY.. by Samet Güler on

11. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Skyine by hugh dornan on

Temple Sens?-ji by Huy Tonthat on

Sakura ride by Pat Charles on

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building by Andy Sim on

Sunshine60 by takashi kitajima on

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam. by Remo Scarfò on

Amsterdam by Iván Maigua on

Reflecting Amsterdam by Miguel Angel Martín Campos on

Old Amsterdam by Chris Hornung on

Amsterdam by Thrasivoulos Panou on

9. Venice, Italy

Towards the Sun by guerel sahin on

Venice Bridge by Björn Jönsson on

Sunrise at San Marco by Gonzalo Ramos on

Night of surprises by Efemir  Art  on

The Marching Gondolas by Aaron Choi on

8. Chicago, Illinois, USA

Stormy Chicago by Stanley Chen Xi on

Blue Hour Storm by John Harrison on

Chicago Bean by Ali Erturk on

Adams/Wabash by Claus Cheng on

The emerald river by Tatiana Avdjiev on

7. Rome, Italy/Vatican City

Rome rising by Aaron Choi on

Roman Radiance by Elia Locardi on

Vatican museum stairs by Beboy Photographies on

Iluminada by Eduardo Menendez on

Skyline of Rome by Nicodemo Quaglia on

6. San Francisco, California, USA

The woman and the bridge by Ramelli Serge on

Cable Car by Laurent Meister on

Turbulence by Michael Shainblum on

Becoming the photo by Ellen Desmarais on

Bay Bridge Fog by Matt Granz on

5. Singapore

Lumiose City by Jon Chiang on

Shenton Fire by t e c n i c a on

Singapore 2013 by Edward Tian on

samebutdifferent by Jonathan Danker on

Chinatown ??? by Eddie Cheng on

4. Toronto, Canada

40 Minutes in Toronto by Michael Woloszynowicz on

St. Michael

Slacking by Roof Topper on

Graffiti Invasion by Liban Yusuf on

Think by Tim Gaweco on

3. London, UK

Sunrise over the Tower Bridge by Yunli Song on

Revelation by Giuseppe Torre on

London bus by kimerajam . on

Multiple Reflection Of St Paul Church-London. by FaceChoo Yong on

London: Sunrise on the River Thames by Carlos Martín on

2. Paris, France

Paris • Sunset and Rain by Thomas Fliegner on

Puddle Mirror Reflection on Notre Dame by Loïc Lagarde on

Foggy Night by Javier de la Torre on

Straight to Business by Beboy Photographies on

Time to leave by bill baroud on

1. New York City, New York, USA

Atlas statue by Gianluca Tursi on

Central Park In Snow by Kevin Kim on

Intersection | NYC by Navid Baraty on

Springtime in NYC by Vivienne Gucwa on


Do you have a favorite picture from one of these dream destinations? Upload to 500px and drop us a link in the comments! Also, can you guess what city fell at number 26? Leave your answer in the comments and we’ll update this post with the answer tomorrow!

UPDATE: As promised, we’re revealing the number 26 city on the list! So… drum roll please…

Berlin, Germany

Congrats to the people (and there were a few of you!) who guessed right!