Do you know Detroit? Not the Detroit you’ve heard about in the news; not even the Detroit you’ve read about or seen in history books and old photo collections. No, we mean the Detroit of today, a place with so much history and raw culture inside that it’s practically overflowing.

That’s the Detroit 500px Content Editor and talented photographer Alejandro Santiago wants to show you through his new gallery, “Welcome to Detroit.”

In Alejandro’s own words:

Look beyond the abandoned buildings and you’ll see that America’s most soulful city is still overflowing with Motown history, Art Deco architecture, street art, and the warmest people you’ll meet.

Check out 30 of our favorite images from this kick ass gallery below:

Detroit Restaurant and Food service by Joseph  Heroun on

Recording Shopping at People

Fox Theatre by Mike Fritcher on

4 Year-old Making Money at Saturday Morning Karaoke by Alejandro Santiago on

House Fire by Tim Gaweco on

Joe Louis Fist in the Fog by Tina Logan on

Seeking Shelter by Steve Pepple on

Eastern Market, Detroit Michigan by Alejandro Santiago on

Twenty One Grams by Todd Sipes on

IMG_6082.jpg by Rodrigo Ferrer on

Crime Fighter by Paolo Mastrogiacomo on


Gallery by Larry Lewis on

Detroit by Tim Gaweco on

detroit jungle by Sam Sklar on

I Heart Detroit by Leann Cotton on

Red Hot Karaoke Star of Bert

emily by Sam Sklar on

Intersection of Past and Future by Paolo Mastrogiacomo on

Church of St Agnes by Chris Bowig on

Pistons by Tim Gaweco on

Cash Only by Christopher J Stacey on

Motown Legends at People

1965 Dodge Custom 880 by Charles Saadiq on

Love in Detroit by Bryan Harris on

Photographing Hebru Brantley

Time by Maria Roberta Enache on

Vitamin "D" - Patch Whisky, Ghost Beard by Leann Cotton on

The 10 Percent Man by Adam Sparkes on

detroit vs. everybody by Sam Sklar on

There’s a lot more where these came from, so if you want more Detroit, click here to browse through the whole gallery. And don’t hesitate to drop YOUR favorite photo of The Motor City in the comments down below.