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Let’s do an experiment together. Every day the Popular page showcases the community-chosen (it’s a democracy people!) best images on 500px; but, just when you’ve claimed the top spot and started celebrating your newfound Internet fame… it’s over!

That’s why, every Friday, we’ve decided to put together a “This Week in Popular” collection. As the week comes to a close, we’ll ask our magic analytics elves to tell us what the 25 most popular photos on 500px were the past 7 days, and share them with you here.

So, without further ado, let’s get this party started! Scroll down to see the best of the best on 500px from this past week, as voted by you:

There they are! To keep up with the most popular photos on 500px, be sure to visit the Popular page (Duh…); and if you want to have a chance to get to Popular yourself, remember the importance of tagging your photos!

Finally, if “popular” doesn’t match your definition of “great,” give our Editors’ Choice page a shot. Every month, a cohort of talented 500px pros comb through the archives to dig up the best photos that aren’t getting their due on 500px naturally.