It’s National Dessert Day! Who cares that nobody knows where this “holiday” started, whether or not it’s actually “national,” or why we celebrate the tasty treats at the end of a great meal in the first place, but who are we to question it!?

We’re just a photo sharing community, so we’re going to do what photo sharing communities do best: share photos!

Here are 25 of our favorite Dessert photos on 500px—photos so sweet you may want to check your blood sugar after you scroll through them:

OoOoo by Szilvia Pap-Kutasi on

homemade brownie by Natalia Klenova on

healthy breakfast... by Roman Bilan on

Good Morning To You! by Aisha Yusaf on

???????? ???????? ? ??????? ?????????? ?????????? by Natalia Lisovskaya on

Waffles & Ice Cream by Natasha Breen on

Zeppole by Ezio D

Expresso Souffle Love by Asena Selcen on

Dessert by Claudia Totir on

Blueberry cake by Maciej Czekajewski on

Stack of pancakes with fresh strawberry and balsamic glase by Anjelika Gretskaia on

?????????? ? ????????? by Natalia Lisovskaya on

Blueberry mountains by Dina Belenko on

Chocolate cupcake by crazy cake on

Assorted tarts and pastries by Elena Elisseeva on


Homemade Decorated Gingerbread Men Cookies by Brent Hofacker on

Feast of Taste by Zeynep Ugurdag on

Delicious ice cream with berry and mint by Oxana Denezhkina on

Homemade Peppermint Hot Chocolate by Brent Hofacker on

pancake cake by Maria Emelianova on

chocolate and hazelnuts by Jevgeni Proshin on

sweet potatoe brownie by Amalija Andersone on

Pudding by Claudia Totir on

Sweet cottage cheese dumpling roll with berries by Luka M on

What’s your favorite dessert? Let us know in the comments down below. Or, if you’re feeling cheeky, let us know what your favorite desert is. Whatever you want, we won’t judge.

And, of course, if you have your own awesome dessert shot hiding in your archives, share a link in the comments down below!