Did you know that, after Yellowstone and Sequoia, Yosemite is the oldest National Park in the United States? Officially established on October 1st 1890, the park turned 125 years old this past week.

Inspired by this fact—and a beautiful collection of images that 500px-er and travel photographer Michael Bonocore put together over on Resource Travel—we decided to create our own collection of the most beautiful Yosemite images on 500px to honor the old park’s momentous birthday!

With the sheer number of Yosemite photos on 500px—there were over 31,000!!!—it was incredibly difficult to pick just 25. We tried to pick some traditional views, some unusual compositions, and a few really beautiful images that add the human element to really round out this collection.

If you have a favorite Yosemite shot on 500px that we didn’t feature, or your own image you’d like to share in honor of the park’s 125th anniversary, please drop us a link in the comments! Otherwise, scroll down and enjoy : )

Serpentine vapors at Yosemite by William Toti on 500px.com

Basking by Jason Chong on 500px.com

Yosemite Fog by Mark Lissick on 500px.com

Dawn at the Gates II by Ed Bannister on 500px.com

The Valley of Dreams by Danilo Faria on 500px.com

Kayaking in Yosemite by Chris  Burkard on 500px.com

Lit elm on the frost meadows by Thelma  Gatuzzo on 500px.com

Yosemite lights by Nicholas Roemmelt on 500px.com

Pinnacle by Charlotte Gibb on 500px.com

Yosemite National Park by Tanner Seablom on 500px.com

Glacier Point Night Panorama by James Forbes on 500px.com

Fire and Half Dome - Yosemite National Park by Darvin Atkeson on 500px.com

Horsetail Fall - Yosemite National Park by Darvin Atkeson on 500px.com

Bridal Veil Emerges Through The Mist by William McIntosh on 500px.com

A Flawless Point by Rogelio Bernal Andreo on 500px.com

Lovely Reflections by Darvin Atkeson on 500px.com

Nevada Fall From Above by RobertLBrett on 500px.com

Beaming down on Half Dome by Christian Adam on 500px.com

Cottonwood Fall Colors by David Laurence Sharp on 500px.com

Super Moon Over Yosemite Falls by William McIntosh on 500px.com

Wash your spirit clean by Baris Parildar on 500px.com

Falling Upside Down by Danilo Faria on 500px.com

American Icon by Michael Shainblum on 500px.com

Cloud Painting by Pete Wongkongkathep on 500px.com

The Moments We

To see even more beautiful Yosemite images and enjoy some of the stunning shots that didn’t make the cut for this collection, click here. And don’t forget to link us to YOUR favorite Yosemite image on 500px below.