Like our soft spot for Caturday, we’re just as equally fond of all things monochrome! So we thought we’d combine our two obsessions together in a single photo collection of black and white cat portraits. And if these striking close-up shots don’t put a smile on your face today, then we’re not sure anything will. Scroll down and prepare for a dose of cute overload!

Gatekeeper by Zoran Milutinovic on

Chilling in the garden. by Swing Studio & Cafe on


Amber Eye by Cherylorraine Smith on

My cat Guilty by rlnds on

Vincent by Omar M on

BLACK killer by David Charouz on

Paco by Freddy Alexander  Bugueño Tolmo. on

yummy by Vivien Mueller on

My Cat 2 by Max Kendo on

Dark by Veronika Klimonova on

Peeking by Deedee86 on

The Beast by Hrvoje Simich on

Kitten yawning by Duci86 on

Noah by Paul Barson on

Alice by Pavel Hlystov on

Baguy  by Julia Bénard on

White Sleeper by Karol Gams on

Cat profile by Duci86 on

Black and white with a touch of yellow... by Lieselotte T on

Good Morning Cat by Ivan Syrov on

snow white by Joachim G.  Pinkawa on

BackLight Cat by Francesco Attardo on

Wilson #06 (Waiting for New Year) by Roberto Di Patrizi on

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