If Wednesday afternoon is hitting you as hard as it’s hitting us right now, you could probably use a little photo vacation from your desk. Enter a few incredible surfing photographers and some truly sick surfers…

The 21 surfing photos below are some of the narliest, craziest, sickest, most intense we could find on 500px. From people getting serious air, to intense action shots captured INSIDE the pipe, to more artsy abstract interpretations—it’s all here for you to enjoy.

So escape the desk for a second, take a vicarious trip to the beach, and let these 21 photos help you conquer the mid-week hump:

Magic by Marco Petracci on 500px.com

Balance of Power by Andrew Aveley on 500px.com

Jaws, Maui. by Anton Repponen on 500px.com

Soup by Eric Esterle on 500px.com

Aerial by Jeff Dotson on 500px.com

Surfer Girl by Andrea Vaccaro on 500px.com

Irish Gold by remove156 on 500px.com

The Painted Surfer by Toby Harriman on 500px.com

m a u i  .  j a w s  I V by s e n s o r p i x e l on 500px.com

Padang - Indonésia by Fabricio Garcia on 500px.com

C6J2144 Surfing Liquid Copper by David Orias on 500px.com

banzai pipeline by kirfa lens on 500px.com

Surfer Girl Meets Jaws by bobviv on 500px.com

Mexico by remove156 on 500px.com

Ricochet by Jeff Dotson on 500px.com

Sunset Air by Chris  Burkard on 500px.com

Sunset surfing by Pierre-Yves Baraër on 500px.com

Soul Surfer / Bethany Hamilton by Warren Ishii on 500px.com

Maui Northshore by Brock Nanson on 500px.com

Untitled by Fabio Palmerini on 500px.com

Undewater surfing by Kirill Umrikhin on 500px.com

Want to see more? There are a lot more amazing surfing photos where these came from. Just click here.

And, of course, if you’ve got a favorite surf shot that you found on 500px—or maybe one you took yourself—share it with us in the comments!