500px Prime‘s partnership with for-women-by-women stock photography pioneers SheStock is barreling along at full-steam. We’re so excited to be part of shattering the damaging and false stereotypes often imposed on women by standard stock photography libraries, and one of the main areas where this is the case is women in STEM — science, technology, engineering, and math.

According to the National Girls Collaborative Project, gender disparities begin to appear in STEM education at the undergraduate level in the US. By the time women reach the STEM workforce, they make up only 13% of the engineering and 25% of the mathematical sciences workforce. By comparison, women make up 47% of the total U.S. workforce.

The reasons behind these disparities are, of course, varied and complex, but SheStock is doing their part to fight the stereotypes that might be discouraging young women from pursuing their passion for STEM.

Just added to their 500px Prime store today, here are 21 inspirational stock photos of women in STEM, captured by SheStock’s team of female photographers:

Woman working with a tool.

Woman engineer working a drill press machine.

Woman doing equations on dry erase board.

Woman welding.

Dentist looking at xray.

Medical doctor giving presentation to an empty auditorium.

Woman demonstarting to others how to use a tool.

Woman working with tools.

Woman preparing to weld.

Woman engineer working on machine.

Close up profile of medical doctor.

Dentist looking at xrays.

Woman operating yellow robotic arm.

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Medical doctor giving presentation.

Woman welding.

Dentist with magnifying glasses on.

Woman holding a vice.

Woman engineer working a machine.

Medical doctor cleaning on back of chair.

Woman setting up a machine.

These images and more from SheStock’s store are now available to license through 500px Prime’s ridiculously simple Royalty Free and Web licensing models. Plus, all of the over 4,500 stereotype-busting stock photos of women and girls on SheStock’s 500px account are available for Rights Managed licensing.

Check out SheStock’s full library here, and if you have some inspirational photos of women and girls in STEM in your library, use our new Releases app to get them model released and upload them to 500px Prime!