Cover photo: “The Childhood” by Quang Vu

Forget the gadgets and computers—there’s nothing like spending some time in nature and playing outside.

For our recent Photo Quest, we partnered with Earth Day Canada. This year, their theme was EarthPLAY—encouraging and celebrating outdoor play for kids. We asked you to submit your best photos that captured moments of kids having fun outside and engaging with nature.

The winner, selected by Earth Day Canada, was Quang Vu’s photo, “The childhood.” Here’s what Earth Day Canada had to say about why they picked this image:

“We absolutely adored this image! It truly captured the spirit of Earth Day Canada’s ‘EarthPLAY’ program: The kids are outside and active, but in a way that doesn’t feel staged or micromanaged by a grown-up. They’re completely immersed in an adventure of their own making, playing with whatever they can find—in this case, a spare tire—and happy to get a bit mucky in the process (we loved that at least one kid was running barefoot). Fostering a connection to the environment doesn’t always involve a bucolic scene with children running through fields and meadows; sometimes, it happens in more casual day-to-day activities like chasing a friend across a bridge.”

The childhood by Quang Vu on

Congrats to Quang Vu, who is receiving a Westcott 6-in-1 Illuminator Reflector Kit (40″) as his prize!

Quang Vu loves to take photos of landscapes, still lifes, and sometimes interiors and products. He got into photography because of his travels: “I like to travel a lot, so I want to save the beautiful things that I have ever seen.” He shared the story behind his winning photo: “This photo was taken in Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province, Vietnam. The children often play outdoor activities with each other when their parents are working somewhere.” He says this photo recalls his own childhood “with many simple outdoor activities.”

We got many great submissions for this Quest—be sure to check out our runners up below as well!

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