Much like Christopher Walken on SNL, we’re often obsessed with “more” when it comes to our photography. For Mr. Walken it was more cowbell—for photographers it’s more: saturation, vibrance, beauty, drama, contrast, or really just *fill in the blank* with your favorite post-processing slider, subject, or quality.

The thing is… less if often more when it comes to photography.

Minimalism may not be terribly popular these days, but especially when it comes to licensing your photography, giving the photo room to breathe can be critical. It distinguishes your photo from the “busy” images buyers are used to seeing, gives designers room to work, and adds a special kind of drama all its own.

To that end, we wanted to share a few examples of photos that prove less really is more. Here are 20 of our favorite photos available on the 500px Marketplace that embrace minimalism and all its benefits:

Two Monks ! by Mardy Suong Photography on

First Tracks by Emil Eriksson on

Island by Jakob Noc on

Curiosity Reloaded by MARIAN Gabriel Constantin on

Steps by Hossein Zare on

My favourite lighthouse. by James  English on

Eastern imperial eagle by Dusica Paripovic on

Pedestrian by Oscar F on

 Z by Andre Ermolaev on

Woman in white by Inna Geasuha  on

Wood Drake by Julie Lee on

Fishermen of Chandipur by Samujjwal Sahu on

Serenity by Moataz Cazlo on

curiousness by Wei Li on

Elephant at Sunrise by Ian Mears on

Nothing more to say by Harry Lieber on

Profile by Dusica Paripovic on

theophosphate by Dragan Todorovi? on

geometry by Dimitris Tsirigotis on

Curious Owl by Mandy Karlowski on

If you’ve got your own minimal masterpiece to share, be sure to drop a link in the comments down below once you upload to 500px. And don’t forget to submit your photo to the 500px Marketplace if you’re brave enough to put the photo in front of buyers!