If wearing glasses makes you ‘nerdy,’ these 21 portraits make us want to be as nerdy as humanly possible! While glasses can certainly be a pain in the butt (check out the hashtag #growingupwithglasses to see some hilarious examples currently going viral on the Internet), they can also be seriously sexy.

The 21 guys and gals below prove this beyond the shadow of a doubt, and have us planning to bring a sweet pair of prop glasses to our next portrait shoot…

I <3 Nerdy Girls by The Photo Fiend on 500px.com

Women kissing man

Juliana Soares by Henrique Cesar on 500px.com

Waiting for flight by Jaromír Chalabala on 500px.com

Books Gives Us Wings by Maxim  Guselnikov on 500px.com

Man’s Beauty by Milenko ?ilas on 500px.com

Yana by Matan Eshel on 500px.com

*peter by Marcus Mlynek on 500px.com

Manon for "My little shooting" by BO-agency on 500px.com

GQ by Evgeniy  Potanin on 500px.com

Artistic dark portrait of the young beautiful man in a gray coat by Oleg Gekman on 500px.com

after rain by Anton Muhin on 500px.com

Sandra by Dariusz Danielek on 500px.com

* * * by Roman Shepet on 500px.com

Fred by Melissa Segal on 500px.com

Caitlin - Natural Light by Dani Diamond on 500px.com

Going out by Silverlight-images on 500px.com

Have your own glasses portrait to share? Upload it and drop a link to the 500px photo page in the comments! And if you want to see more of the spectacled photos on 500px, just click here.