Landscape photography can be a bit of a boys club, and while 500px is sometimes accused of being part of the problem, we’d much rather play a part in the solution!

So, if you find yourself following mostly male landscape photographers, we hope this list will open your eyes to at least a few of the incredibly talented women of landscape photography here on 500px.

Editor’s Note: A big thank you is owed, yet again, to landscape photographer Sarah Marino who helped us compile this list of landscape photography all-stars. Check out her profile here!

Hillary Younger

 Himalayan Sands by Hillary Younger on

Elevated by Hillary Younger on

Roaring  by Hillary Younger on

Midas Touch by Hillary Younger on

Grinnel Lake in Fall by Hillary Younger on

Patricia Davidson

Shazam!! by Patricia Davidson on

Morning Play on Shadows by Patricia Davidson on

Starvation Creek Falls by Patricia Davidson on

Crashing Waves by Patricia Davidson on

Rows of Tulips by Patricia Davidson on

LeeAnne Emrick

Sage Sunset by LeeAnne Emrick on

Tread Lightly by LeeAnne Emrick on

Autumnsphere by LeeAnne Emrick on

Under the Table by LeeAnne Emrick on

Wahclella Morning by LeeAnne Emrick on

Robin Black

Short Beam (Upper Antelope Slot Canyon) by Robin Black on

Aspen Abstract, Lundy Canyon (Eastern Sierra) by Robin Black on

Fall Color in the Kawarau River Gorge by Robin Black on

Lake Tekapo - Reflection and Fall Color (New Zealand) by Robin Black on

Misty Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite National Park by Robin Black on

Jean Day

Lakeside Lupine by Jean Day Photography on


Sand Painting by Jean Day Photography on

One Fine Day by Jean Day Photography on

Highway One by Jean Day Photography on

Perri Schelat

Kaleidoscope by Perri Schelat on

Dressed in Gold by Perri Schelat on

Powder Blue by Perri Schelat on

Morning Glory by Perri Schelat on

Into the Wild Blue by Perri Schelat on

Kristina Wilson

The One by Kristina Wilson on

Just a Simple Song by Kristina Wilson on

Haunted by Waters by Kristina Wilson on

Made of Gold by Kristina Wilson on

It was called Yellow by Kristina Wilson on

Susan Holt

Virga on the Horizon **Best Viewed on Black** by Susan Holt on

Desert Deception by Susan Holt on

To Feel The Burn...View On Black by Susan Holt on

"Aqua Delite" by Susan Holt on

Fire at Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park by Susan Holt on

April Roach

Breaking Waves by April Roach on

Morning Reflections by April Roach on

Golden Trees by April Roach on

Portland Fogrise by April Roach on

Heavenly Overlook by April Roach on

Jennifer King

Sunset in Tuscany by Jennifer King on

Northern Lights over Iceland by Jennifer King on

Lava Falls in Autumn by Jennifer King on

Winding Road of the Smokies by Jennifer King on

The Photographer by Jennifer King on

Maryanne “little m” Trengrove

Fire Mountain by little m  on

Untitled by little m  on

My Romance With Red by little m  on

Moeraki Meteorite by little m  on

Leopard Seal Lookout by little m  on

Erin Babnik

Inbound by Erin Babnik on

The Deep End by Erin Babnik on

Cryptical Envelopment by Erin Babnik on

Curve Appeal by Erin Babnik on

Above the Fray by Erin Babnik on

Dené Miles

longing for fall by Dené Miles on

rusty rivulet by Dené Miles on

crimson charm by Dené Miles on

wonderland by Dené Miles on

a journey to the past by Dené Miles on

Christina Angquico

Golden by Christina Angquico on

Road Well Traveled by Christina Angquico on

Another Day by Christina Angquico on

Lost by Christina Angquico on

In the Still of the Night by Christina Angquico on

Candace Bartlett

Soaking It In by Candace Bartlett on

Walking on Clouds by Candace Bartlett on


The Overlook by Candace Bartlett on

Hidden Place by Candace Bartlett on

If you know of more talented woman landscape photographers on 500px (or you are one yourself!) please don’t hesitate to drop a link in the comments down below!

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